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British Unleash ‘Panama Papers’ To Escalate Regime Changes Globally, Provoke War

April 5 (EIRNS)—The release of thousands of documents from a Panama law firm long involved in setting up shells for tax avoidance for the elites around the world, called the “Panama Papers,” is transparently an operation set up and run by the British and their stooge Obama, funded by their favorite drug money launderer, George Soros, to the purpose of extending their “regime change” operations around the world. Several points should be noted, as documented below:

  • The firm is run by the son of a former Waffen SS officer who went to work for the CIA after the war, and was eventually shipped off to South America, as were thousands of Nazis, under the auspices of Allen Dulles’s “rat line” of former Nazis who collaborated with the CIA to “fight communism”;
  • The second partner was earlier the head of the party in Panama which was responsible for one of the CIA’s early “regime change” operations—the removal of Manuel Noriega by the U.S. military. That party was itself run by a member of the Nazi movement over several decades;
  • The highly selective release of the documents is aimed at orchestrating unsubstantiated attacks on Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, as part of Obama’s escalation towards thermonuclear war against Russia and China.

Lyndon LaRouche immediately identified the operation as a British/Obama scam, but made the point that any effort to run “color revolutions” against either Russia or China is a fool’s game. The reality is that the entire Western financial system is disintegrating, while the vast majority of the world’s population is turning to China and Russia, who, between them, are offering grand-scale infrastructure development and security against terrorists created by the British/Obama regime-change process, which has turned nation after nation into failed states.

Even in the United States, the LaRouche organization has observed a phase-change in the population, sparked in large part by the organization itself. The combination of a fight to restore Classical culture, characterized by the free concert by the Schiller Institute Chorus on Easter Sunday, performing Handel’s Messiah at the Classical tuning of C=256 in a beautiful Brooklyn church (the video is posted to the internet), together with a national campaign to restore NASA and the space program led in Texas by LaRouche PAC Policy Committee leader Kesha Rogers, and the mobilization over the past weeks for an international Schiller Institute conference titled “Building a World Land-Bridge—Realizing Mankind’s True Humanity,” to be held in Manhattan on April 7 and streamed live, have captured a demoralized American population with a sense of optimism for the future, of what can be created by a creative people.

The time is short. A failure to grab this moment of opportunity, to create a new paradigm based on the common aims of mankind, will result in a new global war which could spell the end of civilization as we know it. The time to act is now.


Behind the ‘Panama Papers’: London’s ‘Anti-Corruption’ Regime-Change Caper

April 5 (EIRNS)—With the resignation of its Prime Minister Sigmundur Davio Gunnlaugsson today, the government of Iceland became the first to fall in the wake of the orchestrated media frenzy over the so-called “Panama Papers” dumped upon the world. Their release was timely: just six weeks before the British government has called an international “Anti-Corruption Summit” in London for May 12, with the stated intent of creating a strengthened supranational “anti-corruption architecture” through which to overthrow designated governments of choice.

Rather shameless for an empire functioning for centuries upon the Venetian principle of “Private Vices, Public Good”!

Her Majesty’s Prime Minister David Cameron first announced the anti-corruption summit on July 28, 2015, in a speech delivered at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore. Cameron baldly declared that corruption of other governments creates migration and terrorism; that many refugees are fleeing “from corrupt African states where they have no economic prospects because everything is controlled by a corrupt elite,” and Boko Haram, ISIL, al-Qaeda, etc. demonstrate “how an oppressive and corrupt government can drive its people into the hands of the extremists in the first place.”

Cameron cited Oxford University’s infamous British colonialist (and former senior advisor to Tony Blair’s Commission on Africa), Paul Collier, in proposing that this May’s anti-corruption summit bring about “a fundamental change in the way the international community fights poverty”—by using “international aid” to enforce “better governance.”

Transparency International—created in 1993 under the direct instigation of Prince Philip—has been fleshing out the agenda for Cameron’s summit. On Jan. 27, 2016, the U.K. branch of Transparency published its proposals for the summit, which it envisions as “a coalition of the willing.” Anti-corruption summits fail, because “serially corrupt” governments are allowed to participate, TI wrote; the only two countries mentioned by name were China and Saudi Arabia. “Serial blockers—countries that use spurious excuses to stop any progress,” must be excluded, and if diplomatic protocol requires they be invited, “it is vital that the blockers are not allowed to dictate the terms of the debate.”

This rump caucus in London is then to agree upon such measures as adopting “a visa denial-of-entry regime for suspects of corruption”; “a corporate debarment regime between like-minded governments, with the power to enforce it”; and “providing legal support for those living abroad to challenge the corruption taking place at home.”

The key to success, however, is the use of the press and “civil society” to mobilize the victims of Bertrand Russell’s cult of stupidity into Jacobin mobs which can bring down governments. In the words of TI: “Civil society and a free press are two of the (few) mechanisms that can promote transparency and accountability, particularly in countries that are not democracies.”

Ergo: “the Panama Papers.”

Feinstein Challenges Morality of Nuclear Weapons

April 5 (EIRNS)—In a March 16 hearing of the Senate Appropriations Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) not only challenged the Obama Administration on the “usability” of the new nuclear weapons it is seeking to build, but also on the morality of nuclear weapons more broadly. Feinstein said she still has vivid memories of the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan, which occurred at the time she was a child.

“This is not a deterrent [referring to the cruise missile]. All this means is that others will be doing the same thing. I don’t want North Korea with a 6-KT nuclear cruise missile. I think we lose our moral authority when we build new nuclear weapons. I don’t see any way—there’s a certain moral code—I don’t see any way that I can vote to support this, and I want you to know it.”

Lt. Gen. Frank Klotz (USAF, ret.), the Director of the National Nuclear Security Administration, expressed a different notion of morality in response to Feinstein: one that derives from deterrence theory.

“I think on this we have a fundamental disagreement,” he said. “In my view, the moral approach is to develop a deterrent capability which poses the prospect to any potential adversary that they should never use nuclear weapons against the United States or our allies. We maintain the capability of a deterrent by having systems that cannot be negated, defeated, [or] nullified by any adversary, either by offensive attack or by defensive capabilities that they may have.”

The Federation of American Scientists’ Hans Kristensen, who covered Feinstein’s remarks on the nuclear cruise missile in a March 25 posting on his Strategic Security blog, added a quote from Gen. Philip Breedlove, Commander of NATO and the U.S. European Command, to drive home the point on nuclear war-fighting: “One of the biggest keys to being able to break anti-access area denial [A2AD] is the ability to penetrate air defenses so that we can get close to not only destroy the air defenses, but to destroy the coastal defense cruise missiles, and the land attack missiles, which are the three elements of an A2AD environment,” Breedlove told the House Armed Services Committee on Feb. 26, when he was asked what capabilities the Air Force’s Long-Range Strike Bomber (LRSB) will bring to combatant commands. “One of the primary and very important tools to busting that A2AD environment is a fifth-generation ability to penetrate. In the LRSB you will have a platform and weapons that can penetrate.” The weapons he referred to include nuclear-armed cruise missiles.

NATO’s Stoltenberg Comes to Washington for Lovefest with Obama

April 5 (EIRNS)—Yesterday, the 67th anniversary of NATO’s founding, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visited President Barack Obama at the White House, where the two lavished praise on each other. Lurking in the background, in spirit at least, was Donald Trump, who just a few days earlier had called NATO “obsolete,” a declaration that both Obama and Stoltenberg, as well as other NATO partisans, are desperate to prove wrong.

Obama called his meeting with Stoltenberg “excellent,” and went through the laundry list of matters that they discussed, including the new NATO training mission for Iraqi troops in Jordan; Libya; the migrant crisis; the war on ISIS; Ukraine and Russia. Stoltenberg’s comments were little more than an endorsement of everything Obama said, and he praised the “trans-Atlantic bond” that makes NATO what it is.

“I very much welcome, again, the leadership you have shown in increasing our collective defense in Europe,” Stoltenberg gushed.

RT also noted the anniversary of NATO, with a column authored by Irish freelance journalist Danielle Ryan, arguing that it’s time for NATO to go. “Once the Soviet Union collapsed and ceased to exist in December 1991, NATO was at a bit of a loose end,” she writes. “Instead of disbanding, the organization continued to usher in new members in bouts of expansion that were sure to provoke modern Russia.” She reports that Sen. Robert Taft, at the time of NATO’s founding, worried that it might be provocative. He believed that a military bloc built on arming nations against the Soviet Union could leave Moscow feeling “ringed” in, and could lay the groundwork for another world war—even going so far as to say it is “not a peace program, it is a war program.” In a speech explaining his vote against the formation of the alliance, he asked: “How would we feel if Russia undertook to arm a country on our border; Mexico, for instance?”

Ryan goes on to describe NATO as little more than a geopolitical tool of the United States, without noting that it was Britain’s Lord Ismay, the first NATO Secretary General, who famously declared that NATO’s purpose was “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.” But clearly, the U.S. continues to provide the bulk of NATO’s muscle. The latest example is the deployment of two dozen U.S. F-15 jets across NATO countries. Twelve RAF Lakenheath, England-based F-15E Strike Eagles are in Greece for a multinational exercise with the Greek and Israeli air forces. A dozen F-15Cs from the Massachusetts and California Air National Guards just deployed to Iceland and Holland’s Leeuwarden Air Base for air policing and participation in exercises.


Mossack Fonseca Smells Like a Creature of the Dulles Brothers’ Nazi Rat Lines

April 5 (EIRNS)—The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ “Panama Papers” website writes that Jürgen Mossack, co-founder of the Mossack Fonseca law firm at the center of the so-called “Panama Papers,” is a German native whose father was a member of Hitler’s Waffen-SS; his partner, Ramón Fonseca Mora, has been a leading member (including president) of the Panameñista Party, founded by unrepentant Hitler supporter Arnulfo Arias Madrid. This outfit, specializing in facilitating international offshore activities, thus has the profile of a progeny of the Dulles Brothers’ “rat-lines,” as the routes by which Nazi war criminals were transported to safety in South America and elsewhere after the war were known.

Take the case of Mossack. The ICIJ writes:

“Mossack was born in Germany in 1948. He moved to Panama with his family in the early 1960s, according to his law partner. Mossack’s father had been a member of the Waffen-SS, the notorious armed wing of the Nazi Party during World War II, according to U.S. Army intelligence files obtained by ICIJ.

“After the war, the father offered his services to the U.S. government as an informant, the files show, claiming he was about to join a clandestine organization, either of former Nazis now turned Communist … or of unconverted Nazis cloaking themselves as Communists. An Army intelligence officer wrote that the offer to spy for the U.S. might simply be a shrewd attempt to get out of an awkward situation.

“Nevertheless, the old intelligence files indicate that Mossack’s father later ended up in Panama, where he offered to spy, this time for the CIA, on Communist activity in nearby Cuba.”

As for Mossack’s partner: The Panameñista Party in which London School of Economics-trained Fonseca Mora plays a leading role was used by President George H.W. Bush as a vehicle to overthrow Gen. Manuel Noriega, despite—or perhaps because of—its well-documented public history as a pro-Hitler party. The wretched history of its Hitler-loving founder and decades-long leader, Arnulfo Arias, is detailed in EIR’s 1987 “White Paper on the Panama Crisis.” Arias, the three times President of Panama who built and ran the Panameñista Party from the 1930s until his death in 1988, was a practicing Satanist. He built his political machine on the basis of occult black rites and paramilitary formations; introduced legislation to sterilize blacks and euthanize the elderly as Health Minister in 1933; and imposed a Constitution as President in 1941 forbidding the immigration of blacks, Chinese and Japanese. As cited in EIR’s report, numerous U.S. intelligence reports were filed in the 1930s-1940s on Arias’ active support for, and protection by, the Hitler regime and its networks in the Americas.

China and Russia Ridicule and Expose ‘Panama Papers’

April 5 (EIRNS)—Both Russia and China responded to the wild stories spun out from the “Panama Papers” accusing their top leaders of corruption. Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary for President Vladimir Putin, yesterday characterized the U.K. Guardian’s concoction from the Panama Papers on the President: “While Putin does not appear anywhere backed by any facts, it is obvious to us that the main target behind such ‘leaks’ has been, and still is, our President, especially in the context of the upcoming parliamentary and, taking the long-term perspective, the Presidential election in two years’ time.

“We know this so-called journalistic community perfectly well; it is clear to us that a number of journalists who are part of it have hardly majored in journalism; there are many former representatives of the State Department and the CIA, and other intelligence agencies,” Peskov said, adding that Moscow knows “who funds this organization.” That would be George Soros.

In China, a Global Times editorial reads: “The Western media has opaquely described it as ‘Putin’s money laundering.’ The Western media has taken control of the interpretation each time there has been such a document dump, and Washington has demonstrated particular influence on it.”

The Western press is full of stories accusing the Chinese press of censoring the names of the Chinese whose names showed up in the papers, including Xi Jinping’s brother-in-law. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei, asked if the government would prosecute those named individuals, simply said: “For such groundless accusations, I have no comment.” The irony is clear, since the incredible scope of Xi Jinping’s crackdown on corruption at every level, including the head of the nation’s national security apparatus, is denounced as “oppression” in the Western press, while the U.S. has not arrested one Wall Street criminal.

Lyndon LaRouche noted that any such efforts to run “color revolutions” against Russia and China are doomed to fail.

EU-Turkey Refugee Deal Fraying under Strain after Two Days

April 5 (EIRNS)—The controversial European Union-Turkish refugee deal is already showing signs that it could collapse very soon. On the Turkish side, returning refugees are being sent to camps in the southeast of the country near the volatile Turkish-Syrian border, while in Greece the government is overwhelmed by refugees filing applications for asylum, which then must be examined to see whether they can be deported.

In Turkey there were protests by local residents in the Maras region near the Syrian border over the government’s plan to build a “container city” for about 27,000 Syrian refugees. These refugees are primarily an Alevi community, whose members are not Sunni Muslims; in fact, Alevis are considered a heretical sect of radical Sunnis, and ISIS has attacked Alevi communities in Syria. The fear that the camp could be targeted or even inhabited by ISIS and Al Nusra terrorists is very real, since in the past the camps have been terrorist recruiting centers.

In Greece, the Asylum Service reported being overwhelmed by thousands of applications daily. As usual, the EU is not quick in implementing its promises: only 30 of the 400 EU migration officers promised to help with the refugee inflow have arrived in Greece. Today Greek authorities said more than 52,000 refugees and migrants are trapped in Greece.

Meanwhile the Holy Synod, the ruling body of the Greek Orthodox Church, said it had accepted a suggestion by Pope Francis that he visit Greece to highlight the plight of the refugees, Reuters reported. The Synod recommended the Pontiff visit Lesbos, and it has accepted; the visit could take place on April 14-15. The Istanbul-based Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew has also been invited.


Yemenis Defy Anglo-American-Saudi War with Third Reading of the EIR World Land-Bridge Report

April 5 (EIRNS)—Today, the third reading of the Arabic translation of the EIR Special Report The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge took place in Yemen’s capital, Sana’a, defying the war of aggression launched by the Anglo-American-Saudi forces. The reading was organized by the Yemeni Advisory Office for Coordination with the BRICS, Al-Fouad Solutions, and the Yemen Center for Research and Studies. The roundtable was attended by more than 40 representatives of private organizations, businesses, government agencies, and media, including Russian RT and Chinese CCTV.

Today’s reading dealt with the 27 major Links and Corridors of the World Land-Bridge as presented in the EIR report. Huge posters of the back cover of the report, which shows these links and corridors were hung in the meeting room. Representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Public Works, and General Agency for Aviation and Space Observations took turns reading and explaining these corridors and links in the world map. Fouad al-Ghaffari, the founder of the Office of Coordination with the BRICS, and two other authorities on development coordinated and led the discussion.

The main message in this reading was that the New Silk Road project is sending a message through its links and corridors based on the idea of compressing the area needed to sustain one individual, and a message to put Yemen on this map of the New Silk Road. “Yemen’s destiny is to become the cluster of pearls on this project, by turning it into a national project, as the New Suez Canal became a national mobilization project,” said Al-Ghaffari. He added that this will naturally make Yemen identify its true partners and its view of the BRICS philosophy in order to draw its sound and strong future.

While Yemeni intellectuals and officials in Sana’a are discussing these economic, strategic and scientific ideas on the highest level, all the while being pounded by American and British bombs hurled at them by the Saudis, other not-so-intellectual Yemenis are being hosted by the Saudis to draw up plans for dividing and destroying the country. Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, the self-proclaimed legitimate President in exile, announced on April 3rd from the Saudi capital Riyadh that he fired his Advisor and former Prime Minister Khaled Bahhah, and appointed Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar in his place. Al-Ahmar is a former Army general, and a top official of the former dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh’s regime before the 2011 revolt, and a member of the powerful Al-Ahmar clan that is allied with Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Although Hadi declared that this decision is a preparation for the planned, UN-sponsored peace talks between all the fighting Yemeni factions in Kuwait on April 18, many observers describe it as a Saudi-driven internal coup against the peace process, as Al-Ahmar is known for his absolute belief in resolving the Yemen crisis through military force backed by Saudi Arabia, some Gulf countries and U.S.-British forces and mercenaries.

It is needless to say that al-Qaeda and ISIS have retaken almost all the areas they had lost to the combined forces of Ansarullah (Houthis) and Yemeni National Army in 2014-2015, before the Anglo-American-Saudi aggression relieved them, starting in March 2015.

The tragedy in Yemen is that the UN Security Council gave its blessing for this war of aggression (in the name of restoring democracy and the fugitive President Hadi) in the UNSC Resolution 2216 on April 14, 2015. All members of the UNSC, except Russia, voted for the resolution. The war has devastated whatever infrastructure exists in the country, which is considered the poorest Arab country. According to the UN, 6,500 were killed, 93% of whom were civilians, in the direct bombardment and fighting. Many more were killed due to lack of food, water and medicine, but these are not really accounted for in statistics. Millions (out of the 30 million population) are directly threatened by famine and epidemics, and many millions are already considered as refugees (internally displaced), but cannot escape the country, which is blockaded by international efforts on the land, in the sea and the air, in accordance with the UNSC resolution itself.

Sri Lanka Prime Minister Heads to China To Discuss the Silk Road

April 5 (EIRNS)—An enthusiastic op-ed written by China’s Ambassador to Sri Lanka and published in Ceylon Daily News today, writes of the “Endless Possibilities and Wonderful Prospects” (as the article is titled) that can come from Sri Lanka jointly developing the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road with China.

“The Chinese side would like to maximize the synergy of each other’s respective development strategies within the framework of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road to achieve mutual benefits and common development,” he wrote.  “China welcomes the decision of the Sri Lankan side to resume the Colombo Port City Project, and supports Sri Lanka in building a regional financial, logistics and shipping hub.” The port project is being “resumed” because the current government, when elected, stopped the project and other connections with China, but quickly recognized that China was in the center of the rapid development across the entire region.

Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe heads to China for a four-day visit, starting tomorrow. He told Xinhua today, that “with China’s 21st Century Maritime Silk Road initiative, Sri Lanka hopes to regain its status as the hub of the Indian Ocean.”

This should be seen in light of Indonesian government’s viewing itself as the maritime hub between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans, as part of China’s 21st Century Maritime Silk Road; and, that the prospect of Thailand finally agreeing to build the Kra Canal, in cooperation with China, would directly link Sri Lanka and Indonesia as a hub for the entire Pacific-Indian Ocean Basin.


China-Europe Space Experiment Could Help Locate New Reserves of Petroleum

April 5 (EIRNS)—An experiment that could reveal the mechanisms through which reserves of petroleum form, and could help identify where oil reservoirs are buried underground, was launched on a satellite from China in the early morning of April 5. The joint European-Chinese experiment will simulate the environment of hydrocarbons deep underground, where high temperatures redistribute hydrocarbon molecules under very high pressure. The goal is to understand how this redistribution of molecules manifests itself in reserves of petroleum that are up to 8 km underground, under high temperature and pressure. This could be applied to exploration of oil reserves not only in China, but throughout hydrocarbon-rich Central Asia.

The Soret Coefficient in Crude Oil experiment is one of about 20 experiments that make up China’s Shijian-10 space science mission. After 12 days in orbit, a re-entry capsule will bring samples back to Earth, and some experiments that remain on the orbiting spacecraft will continue for three more days. Six cylinders of crude oil, compressed to 500 times normal pressure, comprise the experiment, which is a partnership between China’s National Space Science Center and PetroChina oil company, and the European Space Agency, and France’s Total oil company.

Scientists explain that deep underground, under high pressure and rising temperatures, there is a “diffusion effect,” where the petroleum compounds move due to the increase in heat with depth, defying gravity, as the smaller molecules end up on the hotter bottom, and the heavier ones rise. “The aim is to quantify this effect in weightlessness, to make it easier to create computer models of oil reservoirs that will help guide future decisions on their exploitation,” explains ESA’s Olivier Minster. According to the ESA, these experiments can only be performed in weightlessness, in order to isolate the effect of the heat from the effect of gravity.

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