Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, and GOP Establishment Side with Leftist Protesters to Wound Trump So He Can Be Defeated in General Presidential Election And Elect Hillary Clinton As President So They Can At Least Run Against Clinton in 2020

Today Larry Klayman, in his individual capacity, issued this statement:

“It’s clear that the recent vicious attacks by Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and others in the Republican establishment designed to fatally wound Donald Trump in the upcoming general presidential election in November 2016 are designed to elect Hillary Clinton as president, as she and her Democrat Party will use these attacks to their benefit. In this way, Rubio, Cruz, and/or Kasich as well as others can challenge Hillary Clinton for the presidency in 2020.

“This cynical, disgusting and tragic approach to election politics underscores the popularity of Donald Trump and why he will win the Republican Primary but may lose the general presidential election thanks to these attacks and shows why the American people have lost faith in and despise not just the Republican establishment, but all establishments in this country. These establishments have put their own greedy and power hungry interests before the interests of We the People. It’s why as Governor Mike Huckabee and I have observed that the citizenry are now waging a revolution through the ballot box. If this does not work, then dire consequences will result for the nation and we will be back to 1776.”

Sheriff David Clarks Places Blame Squarely on Obama and his Leftist Allies for Violence at Trump Rallies
March 13, 2016

Donald Trump has blamed organized “thugs” for clashes that forced him to call off a chaotic rally in Chicago where supporters and protesters broke into fights even before the controversial candidate took the stage.

Five people were arrested and two officers were injured during the ugly skirmishes, Chicago police said. One of the injured officers was struck by a bottle and suffered a bloody gash that will require stitches, police said.

The scenes were criticized by Trump’s rivals, who said responsibility for the rancor lay with the candidate.

My Comment:  The “Leftist Allies” are George Soro’s funded “protestors.”  George Soros is a convicted felon billionaire (convicted for fraud involving insider trading in the stock market in France) who funds NGO’s to overthrow governments via coups and this is just one more of his funded coups.
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