What a Dollar Collapse Will Be Like By Ron Paul

When I was in office – I tried to warn people – especially the elderly and those approaching retirement.

I told them: “Look, you’re always going to get a check from us. You’re always going to collect Social Security. And the amount you receive will rise over time. But the question you have to ask is – ‘What’s that money going to buy?'”

If the price of electricity doubles, your check is not going to double.

As the price of food continues to rise, the small increases in your check are not going to compensate for that.

Just imagine paying…

  • $7 for a gallon of regular gasoline
  • $20 for a burrito from Chipotle
  • $11.50 for whole milk
  • $14 for a small tin of blueberries
  • $71,000 for a no-frills, new car
  • $430 a month for cable and Internet service
  • $718 a month for electricity

If things continue as they are, that’s where prices are heading.

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