Predictions From America’s Psychic:

China owns us already and they want to own the world. Here’s the thing. I don’t see them wanting to destroy the United States. They want to own it, they want to come in and take over.  Yes, I see a takeover. Whoever they have to kill in the process, they will. They expect us to conform, they are very disciplined. It’s black and white with them. You follow orders or face severe consequences.

I see the Chinese taking U.S. citizens and putting them in the Ghost Cities that they’ve built. Look them up, the first time I saw them, I got goose bumps. These Ghost Cities of China are high-rise internment camps; they were built for forced relocation and incarceration for those Americans that won’t go along with their plans. (The builders of these Ghost Cities had no idea why the Chinese Government was insisting on building these sprawling cities in remote parts of China )

Will America stand up with their right to bear arms and go to war? Yes, America will stand up and yes we will go to war. That’s why we cannot give up our gun rights now. And that’s why our Government wants to take them from us.

The United States’ only deep water port on the West Coast that big enough for Military Ships has already been leased to China. Ask yourself, why would the USA lease the Long Beach Naval Shipyard to an enemy?

Do I see an invasion during the next presidency 2017-2020?  Yes, they will invade, just like the British invaded to conquer. This time it will be China.

They speak English but we don’t speak Chinese languages. They’re educated on many levels. The Chinese people are very, very much into the beliefs of their elders, their ancestors and what their government says. They are meek, humble, disciplined and easily programmed to obey.

.  Russia has tag teamed with China. As I said, Putin is out in front. Russia will play the warmonger and China will wait quietly. That’s the plan.  China owns the USA already, now it’s just about making strategic moves – like a game of Battleship.

I Predict that soon the Chinese Government will attack the US Dollar and to make their currency China’s Yuan be equal to the US Dollar.  Then eventually the Yuan will be valued higher than the Dollar.

I see the Chinese coming in and taking over businesses, land, schools, everything. They’ll try to make America to be more like China.  They want their customs to be imprinted on us, their culture, their belief system and their communistic values.

The real question is will China be successful in taking over the U.S during the same time that I’m seeing a spiritual ascension. The thing is that I’ve seen the war. For some reason I can only see into the future as far somewhere between 2020 and 2025? China will be partially successful but then something big happens. God will not allow us to destroy this Earth. Do I get a date for the wipeout of China?  I get 2020 or 2022. We can say that 2020 and beyond will be the demise of China and everything else too.

As written in my other BLOG Spiritually Speaking which is also channeled information for the New Year, this is the time of a great cleansing. The earth will be cleansed in more ways than one. It’s like a balancing act and purification. God is not going to let China fully come in and say, “We own this world. We rule this world.” That’s the point where God’s hand comes in… around 2020 or 2022.


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