The Fall of the Roman Empire—and You Are There!

The great Roman Colosseum, host to gladiator games, persecution of Christians, and other popular entertainment on the eve of the Roman Empire’s decline.

by Tony Papert

Those of you old enough to have enjoyed that television series of Walter Cronkite’s, have by now witnessed the sorts of sudden, dramatic and profound reversals of history which you would never have believed possible just short decades ago. In 1945, this country came out of World War II as the greatest industrial, scientific and military power the world had ever seen. Those of you who are about 70 years of age, as I am, had never seen it any other way than as just that. The earlier, painful and laborious climb out of the last Great Depression, under Franklin Roosevelt, we had to learn about much later. And in our earlier days, that grim picture of the United States of the 1930s, had no real resemblance to the country we thought we knew.

Now we Americans find ourselves in the midst of a live replay of the Fall of the Roman Empire,—and you are indeed there! But it’s not just something we are looking at,—we’re right in the middle of it. Nor is that yet the end of it. “The times change, and we change with them,” as the French saying has it. We are in it, but equally it is also inside us. The rot of the British Empire, from which we Americans once fought our way to freedom,—but, alas, only briefly and episodically,—has returned, and now we are drowning in it. Now we see with the founder of our system, Alexander Hamilton, that the rotten decay of that British Empire is a moral decay,—and we can see just that moral rottenness inside each one of our fellow-Americans, and inside ourselves.

As Lyndon LaRouche has pointed out in detail, one side of the British-led corruption and destruction of the 20th-21st Century United States, was the dictatorship over science, and then consequently over thought in general, exercised by Britain’s Lord Bertrand Russell. Russell decreed that all of physical science must be reduced to mere mathematics, and fiercely persecuted Albert Einstein as the genius who disagreed and would never accept that dictum. Russell has succeeded,—a visit to any so-called “scientific” classroom should convince you of this. As Russell understood it would, this decortication of science has forced a dumbing-down of all thought. Americans have become thoroughly stupefied, just as our earlier great genius Edgar Allan Poe had foreseen these effects. This is why he fought to his last breath against what he decried as mathematical thinking, and against all of the imperial culture exuded from London.

Another side of the British reconquest of the United States was our humiliating domination by the (British-spawned) FBI of the unspeakable J. Edgar Hoover, from the time of the 1944 election, while Roosevelt was still alive, and through to the present. Because of the fear that was bred into Americans, no history of this reign of terror seems to have been written; the most truthful thing I have seen on it, has been LaRouchePAC’s interview with former Congressman Cornelius Gallagher. For decades, the FBI administered a caste-system throughout the United States, in which only the upper, the “security-cleared” caste, could get decent jobs, or often even any jobs. The lower, non-security cleared caste, was left to pick through the garbage, regardless of their skills.

The red-purges of Hollywood and the movie industry have been covered in print and on the screen, but no one bothers to add that the same thing was going on throughout the rest of the country as well. When President John F. Kennedy began to return to Roosevelt’s tradition in the new era of the 1960s, he was assassinated by,—guess what?—the FBI, on behalf of the British Empire. Then the FBI fired the shot that killed Jack Kennedy’s younger brother Bobby, whom Hoover hated, on the eve of his winning the Democratic nomination for President, which meant that he would have been elected President.

Then later, President Reagan, newly-elected in 1980, was being guided by Lyndon LaRouche, along with a team of Franklin Roosevelt veterans, towards returning to the Roosevelt tradition in a new form appropriate for a new era. But Bush family circles staged an assassination-attempt,—aided by an FBI coverup. Vice-President Bush took over much control from the severely-wounded President. And the British-FBI apparatus framed and imprisoned LaRouche, and, once he was in prison, seized control of his association.

Now we are in a new and totally different world. China has sprung back from its ten-year long “Cultural Revolution,” a British-inspired genocidal campaign against all its intellectuals. As happens throughout all of history, the world owes much to one man, Deng Xiaoping, for this historic reversal. China has risen up to the point that its unprecedented “New Silk Road” policy and its pioneering space program are inspiring all of sentient humanity, as John Kennedy inspired them in his time. Just as unbelievably, just as unforeseen to anyone beyond Lyndon LaRouche and a few others, Russia has risen up from its British-steered self-destruction of the 1990s, more costly even than World War II to the country that lost the most in World War II. Russia is now a world strategic leader under Vladimir Putin.

Who expected this a few short years ago?

The United States and the entire trans-Atlantic region, which is to say the British Empire, has dug itself into a deep hole. Those who would pull us out must face the facts as they really are, if they are to prepare themselves to create the new facts which destiny requires. Like Kesha Rogers, they must draw inspiration from China’s space program, and the victories won by Russia, China and the BRICS nations. The prospect of the conquest of space and the Galaxy is required for humanity, and required to re-inspire the American people. In that context, the prompt removal of Barack Obama from the Presidency now, will unleash a surge of optimism which will make it possible to take other immediate necessary steps.

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