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There are millions of trauma-based total mind controlled slaves in the U.S. This article is a preliminary review of records & books kept on individual trauma-based mind controlled slaves in America. Different levels of groups operate each slave, & each has its own levels of security with diverse kinds of records, & records are compartmentalized, stored in controlled areas, and dished out on a need-to-know (NTK) basis. Some places are even designated SCIF (meaning “sensitive compartmented info. facility”). Sensitive Compartmented Info, which will have code names, is called SCI. The programmers keep medical programming files on all slaves. One book that is kept on all programmed multiples is the System’s codes, and anymore many of these are kept on laptops rather than on paper. In the old days they were typically in a black binder, or on rarer occasions a grey binder. (I provided a sample page in the Formula.. book on pg. 88.) The goal of this article is to begin to develop an awareness about records & books that pertain to each specific mind controlled slave in America. Illuminati slaves will also have internal books like the Great Book of Records, and an internal library.

HIGHEST LEVEL. At the highest level, everything there is to know of a person is available to the Beast computers. Every slave is also a citizen and as such will have digital school records from first grade, all of his or her digital health records, credit records, voting registration records, marriage records, real estate & tax records. In fact, all known records, such as purchases, plus many more are all compiled with A.I. and are available for the Beast computers. Bear in mind that psychologists will keep track of their client history & assessments, client’s initial presenting complaint, treatments, client’s status on visits, diagnoses, & more. All psychologists do this to protect themselves, for insurance companies, & for the Fed & state govts. These records seem to find their way into the slave’s master’s hands. One therapist told me how the file system had been accessed on off hours—so the sharing may not always be w/ the therapist’s consent. During the m.c. programming & training records are kept, and there are reportedly a Neuron Mapping Book and a Life Skills Book (the training & skills & responsibilities of individual alters).

ACTIVE GOVT. SLAVES. At the next level, 60,000+ slaves are actively used & monitored daily by computer. (And this is likely an obsolete no.) These slaves may be Illuminati, Church of Set, or CIA or other. A CIA slave may be also owned by an individual as well as having handlers. If it seems complex—it may be. Because the person is usually programmed by a major programmer who may be Illuminati, the slave’s mind may have quite a few levels of programming, but may ultimately belong to the original master programmer. Some of the programming has back door entrances. Back door codes are kept in a secret notebook by the master programmer, or other programmer. One slave reported actually getting to peek at her code book when the handler was not paying attention. Handlers (such as those working for the CIA) may keep diaries for their superiors. The slave himself will have codes kept in certain internal areas. For those who are not handlers, yet have a Top Secret Clearance, they will have access to some of the mind control information, enough that if that person is astute, he will be aware from the limited info available that there is mind controlled slavery. Just as the 3rd degree in Freemasonry is the “highest” degree and then you get side degrees to go higher…likewise Top Secret is the “highest” clearance and then you get “collateral eligibility” for specific access. For instance SI clearance is for COMINT clearance. Often the SCI has a code name like “Yankee Red”. In addition, specific groups may have their own security clearances.

LAYERS OF USERS. Some victims of t.b.m.c. are owned directly by an individual (like some Illuminati kingpin), or a cult, and then some are owned by some government agency. In most cases there is an occult connection, so a govt. slave could also be an Illuminati hierarchy member, a Church of Set member, or a coven member. When slaves are used, the owner may be giving the slave’s services as a perk to the recipient, or may be lending the slave in some kind of exchange of favors, or may be making money off of the slave. As example of an exchange of favors between the owner (pimp) of the slave & a policeman: “in exchange for sex you give me protection.” Some kind of record is going to be kept of all this history. From this discussion, the reader can see that records on a slave may be kept at a number of different locations, by various users. There should also be a record (chart-like chronology) somewhere of all the activities done with the slave, which I expect has ownership/handlers written in it. There is some record of ownership—like how the “title” has passed from owner to owner.

COVEN RECORDS. Each coven may have a person who sends in secret reports, usually after All Hollows Eve of the membership to Illuminati HQ (I think in Belgium). A crone serves as the coven’s Keeper of the Spiritual records & a younger female (maiden, “the Way-Shower”) as the Keeper of the Keys, which may also relate to the records of spells. A male high priest (called “My Lord” or “Lord so & so” in the coven) serves as Guardian of the coven’s Book of Shadows. A m.c. slave who is also a member of a coven may have her or his own Book of Shadows, written in his or her own handwriting based on the teacher’s Book of Shadows. Some covens only have a coven Book of Shadows—not individual ones. There is no common Book of Shadows, most are personalized. Covens in southern California are using a very secret leather bound Keepsake Satchel book for each person, and a Guideline book, the latter book containing the spells that have been placed on the m.c. slave incl. its birthday spell.

THE BOOK OF SHADOWS. This is a personally black handwritten book w/ rituals, ceremonies, & spells. In the middle ages they called such a book a Grimoire, so the Book of Shadows is technically a grimoire (although never called that) and it contains grimoires from the past. A sample of a middle age grimoire is Clavicle of Solomon. The grimoires are used for programming as my books reveal. The first published Book of Shadows was “Arcadia Gospel of the Witches” (by Charles Godfrey Leland, 1899); and a sample of a recent one written to appeal to the loner is “The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation Solitary Witch” (by Silver Raven Wolf). Examples of handwritten coven Books of Shadows and their original writer(s): Welsh Wiccan Book of Shadows (compiled by Ed Buzynski), Saxon Book of Shadows (“The Tree”), Artus Wicca’s New Wiccan Book of Shadows by Ceisior Serith, Gardnerian Book of Shadows (by A. Crowley & Gerald Gardner), Alexandrian’s Earthwise Book of Shadows (by Alex Sanders), and StarKindler Book of Shadows (an evolution from the Alexandrian one). By the way, the Coven StarKindler calls themselves Brotherhood of the Star.

FINAL THOUGHTS. This has been a preliminary review of the secret books kept on a slave, which may number up to perhaps 8, as well as computer records pertaining to all the various kinds of details of the slave. All these records will be accessible only on a NTK basis. If readers have more information on this subject, I would enjoy getting emails at

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