Martin O'Malley

Lyndon LaRouche on the End of O’Malley & Grave Danger of War

Patricia J — On Thursday, Feb. 4, Lyndon LaRouche will be holding an emergency dialogue with LaRouchePAC activists on the implications of the brutal termination of the presidential campaign of Martin O’Malley, and what this signals about the immediate danger of general war.

In the days immediately preceding the Iowa caucus, LaRouche had made a pointed intervention to set out the policy preconditions for his support for an O’Malley presidency, with the idea that this act on his part would force some of the leading enemies of the American Republic to play their hand, and reveal their intentions.

LaRouche’s conclusion, following the abrupt termination of the O’Malley presidential campaign, even before the final Iowa results were announced, was that leading British circles, controlling the Barack Obama Presidency, are desperately escalating their preparations for war against Russia and China. The actions against O’Malley were, in effect, a red dye indication of the war preparations already well-underway. The fact that there were escalating British Crown provocations against Russian President Vladimir Putin, coincident with the actions against O’Malley, sealed the case.

The timing of these events was driven by the fact that the entire trans-Atlantic financial system—the British System—was in an accelerating crash process, as indicated by the meltdown of the entire Italian banking system, at a more rapid rate than the earlier collapses of Greece, Portugal, and Ireland.

These British Empire forces, including their Obama Presidency, are committed to the rapid depopulation of the planet, through warfare and other means. The coincidence of the breakdown crisis, the over-reaction to the LaRouche intervention on behalf of a viable O’Malley candidacy, and the dramatic escalation in targeted provocations against both Russia and China—coming from London and the White House—is the clearest evidence available that mankind is moving into a moment of grave crisis.

The fact that top leaders in both Russia and China are aware, to a great extent, of the significance of these developments, means that there are counter-measures that can be taken, if the full implications of the recent days events are understood.

On Thursday night, Feb. 4, at 9 PM, Lyndon LaRouche will hold his weekly Fireside Chat (details can be obtained from local LaRouchePAC organizations) to discuss these extraordinary developments. On Saturday, Feb. 6, LaRouche will hold his weekly Manhattan dialogue, with a live audience, on the same emergency situation and what must be done.

These two dialogues are must-attend events for all citizens serious about preventing a near-term plunge into a global war that will rapidly escalate into a thermonuclear confrontation, jeopardizing the very survival of humankind. Be prepared for an intense and frank discussion and for extraordinary mobilization.

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