Pro-Life Ted Cruz Wins Iowa Caucus, Trump Slips to Second, Rubio Jumps to Close Third
Senator Ted Cruz, the pro-life advocate from Texas, has captured a victory in the Iowa caucus tonight after polling data showed businessman Donald Trump, who is campaigning as a pro-life candidate, with a lead in the early state for weeks. Cruz won the Republican vote followed by Trump and pro-life Florida Senator Marco Rubio jumped up to a surprisingly close third-place finish to come in just behind Trump, nearly overtaking him as well.

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My Comment:  It’s great Ted Cruz is pro life-so am I but I feel like his middle name should be Goldman Sacks for he owes them $1 million and his wife works for them…..he doesn’t support Glass-Steagall which would put Wall Street in its place and protect small depositors so he is still working with Wall Street.  See the Big Short movie if you want to see the Casino type gambling Wall Street does.

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