8 Ways To Be An Activist for Liberty In 2016
– by Remso Martinez

Are you looking for a way to break out and bring change to your community, state, and nation? Afraid that you don’t know how to make an impact? Don’t know where you would even start? Here is your guide to maximizing the effort for conservative causes and the message of liberty in 2016.

     8. Start a blog– The mainstream media has failed, and with the spin and spew from beltway insiders, real Americans can make a very real change by having their voice heard. Almost anyone and everyone can reach audiences their wildest imagination couldn’t conceive thanks to the internet. Whether you’re a social commentator, legislative monitor, or have a different take on a issue then the major pundits, blogging and having your own website can turn up the volume on your opinions. A great way to learn about how to get started blogging is by checking out this tutorial by Dr. Tom Woods. Your voice matters, let it be heard today!

     7. Start a group for a cause– It’s amazing what can happen when a group of friends and like minded thinkers get together to create something amazing. We all have our natural “burdens”, which are causes we feel a unique individual pull towards that only you understand. Embrace the internal struggle for justice and burden you feel upon yourself to make a difference. Whether it’s a group of friends who get together weekly for coffee, or a social media group to network resources, ideas, and connections, you can start a group or organization of your own to help champion a cause to bring liberty to your community today. One inspirational story is of a group of young college students who founded one of the largest, pro liberty, student activists organizations in the world. After all, the TEA Party movement was founded by people just like you and me! Read more here…

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