LaRouche Forces Mobilize: ‘Don’t Kill the Future with Bail-In; Glass-Steagall Now!’

Jan. 4 (EIRNS)—On the first business day of the New Year, in the midst of a worldwide stock market crash and more junk bond defaults evidencing the escalating implosion of the Trans-Atlantic financial system, organizers of the LaRouche Political Action Committee distributed the latest LaRouche PAC statement, “One Minute to Midnight: It’s Time To Denounce the Saudi Barbarism and Bankrupt Wall Street,” widely in Manhattan and neighboring New York boroughs, as well as across the United States.

By midday, “One Minute to Midnight” had been sent out to the first 1,000 of the “Manhattan Project” ’s greater e-mail list, introduced by a graphic, “Dow Kicks Off 2016 with 400-Point Plunge,” and a note reminding readers that “on Christmas Eve 2015, Lyndon LaRouche broadcast an emergency warning of a rapid acceleration in the breakdown of the Trans-Atlantic financial system and economy generally, beginning January 1st, 2016,” and telling them to call Congress to “take action now to demand Congress force through House Res.14 and Senate Bill S.1471, as well as H.Res.381 and Senate Bill S.1709! Call the Congress at 202-224-3121, this morning!”

LaRouche PAC organizers distributing that statement in the Wall Street region of Lower Manhattan found Wall Streeters to be quite touchy in the morning. An unusual number of Wall Street-types responded with obscenities while aggressively declaring “we’re not bankrupt,” or “we didn’t finance the Saudis,” when organizers called out “Wall Street is bankrupt; shut it down!;” “Saudis ran 9/11; Shut down Wall Street;” and “Don’t kill the future with Bail-In; Glass-Steagall Now!”

The mobilization is building LaRouche PAC’s website as the reference for what must be done in the face of the breakdown. LaRouche PAC’s weekly Policy Committee broadcast today had its largest live audience yet today, and the viewership of LaRouche PAC’s Dec. 23rd Emergency Christmas Eve webcast, “January 1st Is Doomsday! Only an FDR Action Can Save You,” continues to grow, now surpassing 40,000 people.

The great interest in the Schiller Institute’s New York City Community Chorus, provoked by its two wonderful Messiah concerts on Dec. 19 and 20, lays the basis for a new level of intervention in the decisive Manhattan area.

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