Trump is Also ridiculing what this reporter said

My Comment:  Trump seems like he can be a BULLY and I don’t agree with his highway 85 proposal which would dump mexican goods & chinese goods in america at basement bargain prices…think he is a globalist…arrogant, puffed up, boastful and is appealing to the former Romney supporters-predominantly white and anti illegals and anti welfare…..  I agree with most of what he says -90% about his comments on immigration, lobbyists controlling politicians, etc. but he is the most arrogant, boastful man I have ever seen in my entire life!  He has ties to Mafia owned construction and contracting companies and his lawyer was Cohen who “ran the little boys” compromising pedophile politicians in sex crimes.  I am not saying Trump was involved in these crimes-I hope not but it shows he is as corrupt as the rest.  To me he is a GLOBALIST TIED TO THE ILLUMINATI AND MOST LIKELY ON THEIR PAYOLA  &/OR OWES THEM FAVORS.  Nobody gets as wealthy as Trump in such a short time without being extremely corrupt.

IF he were to win the election and KEEP his campaign promises minus the hwy 85 he could be a really good president and what this country needs but I think he needs to sign a contract with the American People that he will keep every campaign promise-too many lie to get elected, keep none of their promises on the campaign trail (O’Bama) and are not HELD ACCOUNTABLE-it’s time they were held accountable and prosecuted for not keeping their campaign promises-a contract would make this easier.

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