Political ClusterF__k of Zionazi bought off Candidates and Fake For the People Charades!

My Comment:  Unfortunately I do feel Nader is somewhat of a hypocrite since he makes money on wars and war stocks.    (Skolnick:  Overthrow of the Republic as my source)  Unfortunately I feel Bernie Sanders is a Fraud because he is beholden to the Zionists which are a Political Party that have Trumped (excuse the pun) American politics and he has the same political backing that brought O’Bama to presidency.  This makes me wary of him….remember O’Bama talked a great line too….how about making these fakes sign contracts to resign their Presidency if they do not keep major campaign promises:  they could have an A list of promises, a B list of promises, and a C list of promises-  the A list of unkept promises could be “crossing the red line” which the hypocrite O’Bama has done too many times to count and should of long been gone!  Impeach O’Bama before some veteran gets p____d enough to murder him!  I don’t believe in Trump either for he became a billionaire off of Wall Street/political corruption-remember he admitted his buy a vote payola scheme and without this and his very corrupt lawyer:  Roy Cohn who “ran the little boys” to corrupt congress with child sex slaves he would definitely NOT be a billionaire.  He is also an egomaniac and bully who cares not about disabled people’s rights or decent wages and living standards. ISIS is an O’Bama funded US created bunch of mercenaries….must see what Putin says to know the truth….our leaders, especially O’Bama are a bunch of liars!

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