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LPAC Conference Call Wednesday, December 30, 2015; 9 pm est, 6 pm pst; Call Dial-in 641-715-3655, access code 787070#, backup 951-262-7373. Playback number, 253-243-2231, no.5; 641-715-3658, code 787070#. Stream

LPAC Conference Call Wednesday, December 30, 2015; 9 pm est, 6 pm pst; Call Dialin 641-715-3655, access code 787070#, backup 9512627373. Playback number, 253-243-2231, no.5; 641-715-3658, code 787070#.




… It’s a situation that will blow up at any moment once we get into the first of next year; where we’ve just indicated some of the particular events that will be happening in the first days of the year.  All told, there is more than $1.5 quadrillion of gambling debt that has been piled up since the time of the 2008 crisis; and it’s all set to blow.  The epicenter of it is the United States and Western Europe.

Now, there’s some additional elements that have to be put into the picture, so that you, the American people, have a complete estimate of just how critical a moment we have arrived at.  Number one, the question must be asked whether or not the attacks by the Islamic State in Paris on November 13th, more recently in San Bernardino, California, represent the Reichstag Fire events of the early 21st Century.  We know that these jihadist networks have been created and promoted by leading nations of this western combination; starting with the British, with Saudi Arabia.  There are factions here in the United States that have been explicitly involved — al-Qaeda, the Nusra front, the Islamic State — all on behalf of the commitment to among other things, overthrow the Assad government in Syria.  So, in effect, what we are looking at is a capability that has been unleashed in Europe and in the United States, under the control of certain Western circles; with the intention being to create the circumstances to put into place the kind of police state that will be necessary to deal with the social chaos and the drive for global confrontation that’s immediately before us.  Secondly, the other events around the COP21 conference on global warming, revealed that the Papacy, the Pope himself, have been won over to a figure who can only be described as a Satanic figure — John Schellnhuber; a knight of the British Empire, whose policies which have now been adopted by the Pope, would see the elimination of the vast majority of humanity through a series of [inaud; 12:37] combined with the war danger and combined with the economic catastrophes that are in the works as we go into this blow-out period right after the first of January.

The point is, that you, the American people, have been lied to; your elected officials have failed you miserably.  And the net effect is that it’s not incumbent upon you, a moment before midnight, to take the kind of decisive action that is now urgently required.  Congress can return to Washington, but will only do so if you put the fear of God in their hearts; if you stand up this Christmas season and demand that they take the kind of emergency actions that are the only course of action at this moment that can avoid this absolute catastrophic situation that is potentially hours or days away.  Congress can go back to Washington and repudiate Wall Street.  There’s nothing to be afraid of in Wall Street, because they are hopelessly and irreversibly bankrupt.  It’s the fear of the unknown that is prompting members of Congress to capitulate and to allow the continuation of the Obama Presidency, which is an affront to the nation; and to allow Wall Street to still dictate terms in Washington.

We’re now at the point where the consequences of toleration for those actions and those policies and those political personalities is doom for the United States and the whole trans-Atlantic region, and perhaps the world if we degenerate into conditions of thermonuclear war.  So, this is an extraordinary moment; and it’s something that requires the action of leading citizens of this republic.  Your elected officials, starting with the President of the United States, have behaved like British traitors, and not like the patriotic figures who are supposed to be serving in the highest positions in the land.

So, it now falls on your shoulders to take the actions that would seem at this moment to be highly impractical; but which, in reality are the only practical measures if you want to survive and prosper going into this new year.  The solutions are clearly there; bankrupt Wall Street — it’s already gone.  Launch the kind of legislative initiatives; we saw how effective it was from the early moments of the Franklin Roosevelt Presidency.  Those policies offered the guidelines for actions to be taken today! Congress on its own will not do it; they’ve demonstrated that by fleeing Washington last week.  I’ll just close by saying that the day before Washington left town, I was in DC on Capitol Hill; I personally spoke to at least 40 individual members of Congress. In every single instance, they were fully aware of the junk bond blow-out, of the other economic catastrophes, of the imminent blow-out of the oil and gas shale sector; yet they were running for the hills.  They ignored and dodged the responsibilities on their shoulders.  So, now it falls on our shoulders and yours to face the reality squarely; and take the kinds of emergency actions that can save the day even at this late moment….

From Emergency Webcast for December 23, 2015



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