Biggest Wall St. Banks Face Lawsuit over $320 Trillion Derivative Price Fixing

Big banks are looting America into complete poverty.  This is only one of many looting scams.  Other scams include the LIBOR scam involving $350 trillion in derivatives, FOREX scam where people were being scammed by being charged to change their currency and currency exchange rates were being manipulated, the subprime scams, the bankster bailout scams, the coming Dodd-Frank BAIL-IN LOOTING ON THE WAY!!!  When will enough be enough for the American people???  Do we continue to believe our problems are 10,000 miles away or is it more likely the Wall Street corruption on the inside as well as the D.C. payola from lobbyists and legislation scams letting these criminals off the hook with pennies on the dollars in fines are destroying America.  Remember Alan Graysons:  Wars Make You Poor Act where he suggested a tax free America for upwards of $35,000 for every single person and $70,000 tax free income for every couple if we divert the extra money for war back to the people paying for all these wars!  The demonic illuminati run these criminal banks and scams and that is why they are so wealthy.  It is looting America and you are the TARGET!!!   WAKE-UP!!!

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