Title To Water, Canada’s First Nations and Blue Gold (Will There Be Water to Relieve the California Drought With New PM?)

Immediately after his high level meeting in Paris to discuss solutions to the climate issues facing the world and North America, Justin Trudeau (shown in photo on left) met a special assembly of the Chiefs of Canada’s First Nationsto secure necessary allies in the next stages of his climate change, water export, economic and monetary (water will be the new oil) strategy.

It is important for readers to understand that, under Native Law, no one owns water, water is a gift from the creator and, under the Common Law of Englandthat Canada inherited due to its former temporary position as a colony ofEngland, there are only riparian rights to water, which are not ownership of water, but which are rights recognized to be held by a land owner giving him the right to draw water from a lake river or aquifer adjacent to or under his land.

Under Statute Law made by Canada’s provinces, the provincial governments confiscated ownership of all water in the various provinces.

The difficulty is that the provinces had no jurisdiction to take away or diminishNative Rights to water without entering a treaty with the local Native Bands Tribes or Nations. 

Therefore, the First Nations of Canada, as they call themselves, must be on side with respect to any policy that seeks to use water on a massive scale either as a commodity or as a generator of clean energy.  

However, the fact is that water is worthless unless there is a market for it and, in Canada, there is so much water and such a relatively small population that the market is saturated and virtually all of Canada’s fresh water flows freely into the ocean without being harvested, (Prince Charlie’s phrase) or otherwise bought, purchased or sold.

The market for Canadian water is in the United States and Mexico,

And, when some of that water is diverted through the construction of massive public works projects and flows down hill, from the highlands of Canadato both the United States and Mexico, it will be periodically gathered in reservoirs where is will generate kinetic energy of massive proportions that will be released as it rushes through turbines generating electricity, also known as clean energy, on a massive scale that will give a huge impetus to the North American economy.

This proposal will launch the greatest development of North America in history; it will double irrigated agricultural farmland, provide ample hydroelectric power, mitigate or eliminate the risk of floods and droughts, balance the continent’s water distribution, and create 7 million highly skilled and highly productive jobs

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The oil and natural gas industries that, according to the mass media, are responsible for the climate change that is taking place have historically opposed the development of energy by harnessing the power of water.  This position has also delayed the development of a delivery system to supply fresh water to the south west United States and Mexico.

In order to finance the construction of the clean energy / water projects adjustments will be made in the monetary system to recognize that Canadacurrency is backed by water in addition to oil and its other resources.

As water flows south, money will flow north which will then flow south again asCanadian purchase goods and services from their neighbours in the United States and Mexico whose industries and communities will be given new life and energy on a massive scale.

In this way the whole of North America will benefit from the planned projects and, when North American prospersthe world prospers.

Insiders report that the Russian Government is watching the negotiations between Canada and the United States and Mexico as a model on which to base their plans to supply water to the middle east which, in part, explains the heavy Russian presence in that area and which will be used by the Russians to pacify the nations to their south while enriching themselves.

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin:

“Russia’s place on the world water market is taking shape. We have a quarter of the world’s freshwater reserves, and will use our competitive advantage to the full.”

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There are also reports that the Chinese government is co-operating with theRussians on a massive water export plan from central Asia to the Middle East.

Chinese and Russian officials are considering the possibility of diverting water from Lake Baikal in Siberia through Mongolia to China’s Inner Mongolia Region. According to an unnamed official from China’s Ministry of Water Resources, Russian officials contacted them in May about such a project

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has the opportunity to lead Canada into the future and to go down in history as the man who created the world wide water industry that will bring huge benefits to all of humanity and assist to remedy the damage done to the planet by reliance upon carbon based energy systems.

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