‘In the United States, politicians and their corporate masters get away with murder. They may bomb children to pieces and poison Americans with chemical agents, but they will likely never be charged for their crimes. Rather, stringent punishments in America are often reserved for the truly ‘dangerous’ criminals: the whistleblowers, the nonviolent drug addicts, and one man in Michigan who was recently arrested and charged with a felony for attempting to educate jurors about their rights. His experience is not the first of its kind.

On November 24, Keith Wood, 39, handed out roughly 50 fliers on the sidewalk outside the Mecosta County Courthouse in West Michigan. The papers he passed out explained “jury nullification,” the process by which jurors may find a defendant innocent — even if they clearly committed the offense. Such a decision is a declaration by the jury that the law itself is unjust. Wood, a former pastor, was arrested for spreading this juror information.’

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