Who Pays For NATO (World Military)?

             Best Answer:  Nato is just a treaty, each individual nation provides forces when they feel like it, except in the occasion when a country has been attacked. All NATO countried but France are bound by law to attack any nation which attacks any NATO nation. So far it has worked out well, as no country has ever attacked a NATO country since its founding. Only terrorists have dared to mess with NATO.

But to directly answer your question, tax payers absolutely do pay for NATO operations, but it comes out of existing military budgets. In fact, the US did not increase its budget at all to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. The military budget increases 5% each year to offset inflation, and it has not increased more than that 5% any year for the last ten years.
Most people who are reading this probably think I am lying, but you can actually go take a look at the department of defense spending and see that it really did not increase more than 5% a year. The reason for this is that most of the time spent in war is spent sitting around, not actually fighting. War is fought in very short battles which happen infrequently.
In peacetime, every single time the military does something, it trains as if it is in a battle. This means that during peacetime, they actually use more fuel and ammunition than during a real war. Fighter aircraft actually last less time in peace than in war, due to every flight acting as if it is war, while in a real war, they just cruise around waiting for the enemy to attack ground forces. Because of this, the aircraft of aircraft actually get less wear in wartime, when there are fewer dogfights, ect.
The only real expense which occurs in wartime which does not occur in peacetime is the damage to property. The military spends billions of dollars to repair the homes and property which are destroyed by war, and so any money which is saved due to the boring nature of war is spent cleaning up after the short fighting which destroys buildings and cars in most of the area being fought over.

So yes, technically the taxpayers pay for NATO, but in reality it is already included in what civilians pay for their own peacetime militaries.

Here is a list of the military budget of the US, notice that the budget actually went down after 2008, but that the budget only increased the normal 5% after 2003, which is when the war started. The war absolutely did not increase costs any more than what was already planned:

My Comment:  NATO is leading to a world military and that is the goal of the Satanic illuminati who want it and are gunning for a New World Order.  Right now NATO is a Fascist alliance including Fascist United States, Fascist Canada and now Fascist Ukraine.

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