Vaccines—Are They Still Contributing to the Greater Good?  by Dr. Mercola

November 14, 2015 | 376,813 views

What Doctors Really Know About Vaccines

Another short video published on The Greater Good website makes the point that doctors are not being taught about vaccine risks in medical school. In short, doctors are being taught about administering vaccines but not about how to identify a vaccine reaction. Doctors strongly recommending and administering vaccines to children are not taught about the big gaps in vaccine safety science…

“They don’t learn that no study exists comparing the medium or long term health outcomes of vaccinated to unvaccinated populations. They don’t learn that vaccine safety studies don’t use a true placebo, but instead use another vaccine or a solution containing mercury or aluminum as a placebo! They don’t learn that vaccine safety studies often last a few days to a few weeks keeping hidden long term side effects. They don’t learn that vaccines can overwhelm the immune system and cause autoimmune disease.

They don’t learn that the aluminum in vaccines is known to cause cognitive impairment, autoimmune disease, gut issues and a host of other damage to healthy adults – goodness knows what they do to tiny infants. They don’t learn that the mercury in vaccines is documented in the medical literature as a potent neurotoxin and that it is still used in the manufacturing of some vaccines and as a preservative as well. They don’t learn how the body processes the vaccine components because, well, no one has ever researched it.”

In light of such vaccine education deficiencies in most medical schools, it becomes very important for parents to educate themselves—and their pediatricians, if they can—about how to identify and prevent vaccine reactions, injuries, and deaths.  And this is precisely why opening up discussions about these issues is so important. There are huge gaps in general knowledge, and huge gaps in research too, and those gaps really need to be addressed.

Big Pharma is largely owned by the Rothschild Satanists and demonic illuminati.  Lobbyists (third world bribery system) get political favors (pushing these dangerous vaccines through) by bribing our elected politicians… big recipients of “peddling influence” are the Clintons among MANY others and that is how these criminals become FILTHY rich!

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