A Cornered Politically Wounded Madman is a Very Dangerous Thing

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Sat 11/14/2015 12:47 PM



We Are Escalating Against Obama
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LaRouchePAC activists rally outside the NTY building in Manhattan.
Friday, in Manhattan, LaRouche activists rallied outside the New York Times, confronting the publication and its employees for its abject boot-licking censorship of the facts about President Obama’s murderous drone wars. You can watch video coverage of the rally at our weekly Friday Webcast.

Obama is weak, cornered, and striking out — When Glenn Greenwald’s the Intercept detailed how the President of the United States presides over weekly kill sessions, manically deciding who to murder based on dubious baseball card intelligence portraits, theNew York Times refused to cover the story.

So, we rallied at their front door.

A leaflet, noting that the Times’ reputation is based on its publication of the Pentagon Papers under threat of prosecution by President Nixon, asked whether the Times is really more afraid of Barack Obama than it was of the criminal Richard Nixon. It was the wide-spread public exposure of The Pentagon Papers, by the New York Times, that led to the end of the Indo-China (Vietnam) war.

Full exposure of Obama’s murders and drone-kill program will end his Presidency.

We CAN remove Obama, but we need your financial support

Lyndon LaRouche remains a target of the President’s rage and, as we told you last week, the White House is lashing out, trying to financially crush us.  That’s becauseLaRouche has the guts to call Obama what he is, a murderer and a lackey for the Anglo-American British imperial system.

If people find the guts to do as we do, and help expand our efforts, then, the emperor finally has no clothes.  He will be impeached.  Last week your financial generosity helped us fight this war and we thank you.  But we need you to donate as much as you can, again, now. 


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