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Tell Senator Stabenow you want mandatory, on-package labeling of genetically engineered foods!

Have you ever used a “QR code,”? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Less than 20% of the U.S. population has ever used one.1

Yet Senator Stabenow is suggesting that Congress move to a national system of these high tech codes that almost no on uses instead of implementing mandatory, on-package labeling of GE foods. Even worse, this burdensome, discriminatory plan would overrule the GE labeling laws already democratically passed in Vermont, Connecticut, and Maine.

Call Senator Stabenow right now and tell her that knowing about the foods you purchase should be the right of everyone, not a luxury available only to those who can afford smartphones and the capabilities to use them.

Just dial 1-888-894-1033 and we’ll patch you through for free. When you’re connected, just press 3 to leave your message with a staffer.

Only 64 percent of Americans own a smartphone.2 That means that more than a third of all Americans will not be able to use this form of labeling. Moreover, those left out are disproportionately the poor and those living in non-urban areas. According to Pew Research Center, only 50% of low income people in the U.S. own a smartphone and only 52% of people living in rural areas own a smartphone.3 Even those who own smartphones are not guaranteed consistent access to the internet.4 At the end of the day, a substantial majority of Americans would be deprived of their right to know if GE labeling were done through QR codes. 

QR codes would also be burdensome for those who could afford to utilize them. With fair and effective on-package labeling, you can walk down the grocery aisle, examine the products on the shelves, and pick up each one to quickly find the information you need on the package – simple, fast, and practical. Now imagine that each time you pick up a product you have to pull out your phone, open up an app, wait for the camera to focus on the bar code, wait for a webpage to load (if you can connect to the internet), and then finally read to see if the information you need is there.  All that just to find out whether or not a food product contains GMOs, when it could easily be stated on the package in 4 simple words: “Contains genetically engineered ingredients.”

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