Press Release: Why Won’t the NYT Publish Obama’s ‘Drone Papers’, which Prove Our President is a Murderer Who Must be Removed?


WHO: LaRouchePAC Activists
WHEN: Friday, November 13TH 11:00AM – 1:00PM
WHERE: In front of New York Times Headquarters

In June of 1971, the New York Times had the courage to initiate the publishing of Daniel Ellsburg’s “Pentagon Papers.” This brave action against the will of a criminal executive branch, combined with the principled decision by then-Senator Mike Gravel (AK) to release 4,100 pages of the Pentagon Papers into the Senate Record, helped spark a fight that led to the end of the criminal presidency of Richard Nixon and was instrumental in bringing the Indochina War to an end. The Papers documented that the war was being lost, not won, and that McNamara’s “body count” metric was fraudulent and criminal.

The LaRouche Political Action Committee, founded by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., calls upon the New York Times to answer the question of the moment: “Is the New York Times more afraid of Barack Obama than it was of Richard Nixon?” Why does the New York Times refuse to provide full coverage of the “Drone Papers” released in Glenn Greenwald’s media outlet, The Intercept?

According to NYT Public Editor Margaret Sullivan’s column of October 26th, NYT executive editor Dean Baquet and national security editor William Hamilton determined that the “Drone Papers” does not “warrant its own story.” This despite Sullivan’s own admission that the “Drone Papers” expose a “kill chain” of mass-murders leading directly to Barack Obama. Ninety percent of people killed by Obama’s drones in a five month period were simply bystanders!

Why will the New York Times refuse to admit what cannot now be denied: Barack Obama, just like his step-father Lolo Soetero, is nothing but a stone-cold killer?

Will they fail to address this reality just when it’s most important to discuss, as that killer, Obama, leads the United States into unprecedented war provocations against Russia and China, which endanger all of mankind?

In public events held at Fordham University and NYU Law School in recent months, LaRouchePAC activists have challenged Scott Shane, the NYT’s “drone reporter,” to have the common decency to admit the truth: our President is a mass murderer who must be thrown out of office immediately!

Shane famously broke the “Kill List” story in May of 2012 detailing Obama’s weekly “Terror Tuesdays,” during which he uses “baseball cards” to decide who gets murdered next. But on each occasion, when confronted with the obvious moral and constitutional implications of his revelations and those of Glenn Greenwald’s “Intercept,” Shane has apologized for the Murderer-in-Chief, refusing to discuss impeachment of our president for what are justly named Satanic murders.

Since the New York Times appears to fear Obama and his drones so terribly, that they refuse to utter aloud the truth, lest they incur his wrath upon their own heads; since they would risk a thermonuclear war of extinction, in allowing this provocateur of Russia and China to continue his lunatic war policy; therefore LaRouchePAC organizers have decided to bring their own Obama clone, complete with his favorite drone, to theNew York Times front door along with two banners: “Obama Leads the US into Hell!” and “Is the NYT More Afraid of Obama than they were of Nixon?”  Perhaps Obama’s face, contorted with psychotic rage, will frighten them into action in defense of the truth, once and for all!

On the ground report by Daniel Burke from Friday’s New York Times rally.

1. The Drone Papers, The Intercept
2. LaRouchePAC webcast of October 16, 2015: “Obama Must Immediately Be Removed from Office and Prosecuted for Murder”

Sign me up, Obama must go!

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