America: The land of the bigoted

Sat Dec 13, 2014 4:17PM GMT

The Western media is a treacherous entity and in its hand is the future of an already volatile world. Police killings of black men in Missouri and New York are but a microcosm of the bigger picture at hand. The deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown are simply snapshots of an extraordinary problem.

When my oldest brother was born in 1945, the United States was still two years away from the desegregation of blacks in the US military. Blacks were viewed so poorly that even the idea of flying airplanes seemed impossible to White politicians and military leaders. During the Second World War, the time of the so-called “Greatest Generation,” blacks were openly ridiculed, viewed as animals, and banned from opportunities that existed for whites.

That is extremely recent history.

When my father was born, in 1917, lynchings of blacks and other minorities were still taking place in not just the deep south, but even in places like New York and California. Racism has no boundaries and no bigger example of this exists than national and world media and press.

Black Americans have not been given the freedom, room or tools to grow as free people in the United States, at least not until recent years, and still not in every situation.

When blacks conformed to the expectations of the white-dominated culture in the US, they were still subjugated to hatred and indifference, and in some cases, such as the Race Riots in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921, where success among African-Americans only tended to infuriate angry racist whites even more… they were simply mass murdered. White mobs stole the lives of hundreds of blacks in Tulsa during that event and to this day, the city of Tulsa refuses to allow a massive grave containing the remains of these black Tulsans to be investigated.

The lessons paint a different picture than the one being communicated by racist tools like Bill O’Reilly from FOX News. Media people like O’Reilly conceal their thinly veiled hatred in a way that fools most of their right-wing viewership, but not a single individual with moral fortitude or a free, uncorrupted mind. What O’Reilly knows and capitalizes on constantly is the intense fear that lurks in the hearts of white Americans, particularly those who view themselves as “conservative” and overwhelmingly, those from the former Confederate states. Contrary to popular thought, only a tiny fraction of “conservative” Americans serve in the military; this is particularly true among the ranks of Republican politicians, but extends to the majority of those who boast of their right-wing, pro-police and pro-war tendencies.

In spite of the progress that has been made, somehow, in recent years, white Americans have been reintroduced to the fear and programming that made them hate blacks before.

As blacks began to find respect in the 1960’s, following the hard won achievements of men like Dr. Martin Luther King and the implementation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, they realized that they could demand the same level of humanity as all Americans. Yet, particularly in places like Oakland and Chicago, blacks were still being pummeled in the street by law enforcement and like today, police were able to kill without concern of being prosecuted. Groups like the Black Panthers were founded to protect the black population from the ravages of white police, and that ended with the FBI targeting nearly every person involved. To this day, leaders of the Black Panthers are rotting in prison for their actions in the 60’s.

One thing blacks have been long associated with is drug use, and the ramifications of addiction, and the stereotypical thinking that tends to accompany the subject. The idea of black Americans using marijuana in the jazz circuits in the first half of the 20th century was a primary tool in outlawing marijuana in 1937.

In the 1980’s, the American government, under the leadership of former US President Ronald Reagan, began using CIA assets to import cocaine from Nicaragua, in turn providing deadly weapons to the right-wing US-friendly faction known as the Contras, whose goal was the annihilation of poor farmers who had banded together to reject the ousted US-supported government. These drugs from Nicaragua were flown into places like the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro in Southern California, from where they were re-disbursed to inner-city streets.

The US government worked with street gang leaders to insert these deadly drugs into already under-educated minority neighborhoods. Years after the passage of the Boland Amendment, which restricted this activity, and the show trial of former Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North, (today a FOX News analyst), the drugs were still being imported, poisoning minority neighborhoods. As the US government unleashed the “crack epidemic” upon its own people, it then used the problem to further undermine the respect and progress of African-Americans through what else but the mainstream media.

Regardless of how they may conceal it, or find clever ways to disguise it, large swaths of the American white population still sport hatred toward what they don’t understand and their fears are fueled with the words of media scoundrels willing to say or do anything to generate controversy and, once again… fear. Hispanics are constantly under fire in the United States over immigration issues, when in fact all European immigrants were land thieves and slayers of Native people. Chinese were heavily abused in the late 1800’s after the railroads were completed, killing a person of Chinese descent was for all intents and purposes a legal activity after the passage of the “Chinese Expulsion Act” of 1882. Every non-white culture has paid its dues in the short-lived “Land of Freedom” – the United States.

Success has a price tag and that is called fairness. As former US-Marine-turned-Gaza-activist Ken O’Keefe says first we must have truth. After truth is established, then justice can take form, and after that… only then, can peace become a reality. In the meanwhile, the US makes its money off military ventures, even arming regular police today with military weapons, which are in turn used to grease unarmed black men on the streets of this supposedly free country. It is all about death and domination and dealing with politicians and police, who truly have no interest in humanity. It is a sad road for a nation supposedly founded on the notion of freedom for all men.

My comment:  This nation founded on freedom for all men has revealed itself as a corrupt cesspool of pedophiles, child killers, mass murderers and serial rapists at the top.  I would not trust anyone in Washington, D.C. as the vast underground tunnel of child trafficking leads directly to this spot as it also does to Vancouver, B.C.  But then again, this is always the way in New World Order Nations:  peddling lies as truths and truths as lies while hiding a vast reservoir of human rights abuses that investigated tell a far different story.

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