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I could not put this book down. From the horrific working conditions of the women, the lack of respect from the unions and utter denial of management each page makes you madder than the next.

Then pile on top of it the lengthy courtroom battle, a truly evil judge (almost someone from Dickens) and a trial as horrific as the abuse itself you just root for Lois all through the book.

It also exceeds your expectations because it also shows how women can be each other’s “worst enemy” in the workforce. Working against one another instead of supporting each other. The other women are victims but also victimizers of Lois for taking a stand.

Lois’ story shows how being a whistleblower can ruin your whole life-Financially, emotionally and healthwise. Doing the right thing for the future but ruining your own life is truly something that only martyrs do. Everyone who makes a difference in this world pays some kind of price for it. That is surely shown in this story.

I highly recommend!


Sexually explicit graffiti and posters were found on the walls and in lunchroom areas, tool rooms, lockers, desks, and offices.   Such material was found in women’s vehicles, on elevators, in women’s restrooms, in inter-office mail, and in locked company bulletin boards.

Women reported incidents of unwelcome touching, including kissing, pinching, and grabbing.   Women reported offensive language directed at individuals as well as frequent “generic” comments that women did not belong in the mines, kept jobs from men, and belonged home with their children.

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