Glass-Steagall or Die! The Last Depression Was Caused by Banksters and Glass-Steagall Reined Them In.

Oct 14—Now, at last, force yourself to face the facts.

This bad joke of a nominating process can never produce

a Democratic candidate who could be honestly

elected by the American people. Hillary Clinton has decided

to be,—or has been decided to be,—the candidate

of Wall Street. She was already the cheerleader for the

Bush-Cheney-Obama wars and murders in Iraq, Libya,

and Syria. And Bernie Sanders is now the candidate of

the hated Barack Obama, whom he used to attack, but

now praises and supports. The corrupt fundraisers for

Obama’s campaigns, who smuggled in drug-money

under cover of anonymous internet contributions in

2008 for Obama’s fraudulent victory over a better Hillary

Clinton,—have now moved over to perform the

same service for Bernie Sanders. (Nothing need be said

of the Republican so-called nominating process.)

Such morally-failed candidates, Wall Street and

Obama candidates, can do nothing to begin to reverse

the destruction the United States has suffered under

almost 16 years of murderous Bush-Cheney-Obama

tyranny. Rather, they will blast the country to oblivion

well before January 2017.

A different nominating process must be begun now,

directed not so much to nominating a single individual

for President, but much more towards the creation of a

Presidential team, like Franklin Roosevelt’s or George

Washington’s team, for example, which unites within

itself the qualifications and the knowledge to rescue our

country while there is still time. And like Roosevelt’s

and Washington’s teams in their time, that team must be

assembled now, in and around Manhattan.

First, to deal with the obvious objection. If you say

that that is “impractical,” then there is something very

important which you yourself must learn right now.

Practical people are dead people. The deadness which

is already within them, will manifest itself quickly,

now, as biological death, unless they renounce “being

practical,”—or else, one may hope, are rescued, although

through no merit of their own, by the creative

people, who are not practical people.

This is what Edgar Allan Poe tried to teach you in

his great stories, “The Pit and the Pendulum,” and “A

Descent into the Maelström,” among so many others.

Reread them now. Indeed, he sacrificed everything to

teach you this; and now, well over a century later, have

you learned nothing at all?

This country can only be saved when the great mass

of the people take their cue from the few creative

people. Only a new Renaissance can save this country


A Manhattan Party

Lyndon LaRouche addressed this in a discussion

last night.

“It’s the Universe that’s the issue, at least the human

part of the Universe as we know it. And therefore, we’re

going to have to have a composition pulled together

which meets that requirement. And we can do that. If

we get our ass off the shelf, shall we say, or something

like that, we can do it! And we can do it on the basis of

a central reference to Manhattan.

“So what we’re going to do is have a Manhattan

party. It’s called a national re-election party: We’re

going to center everything around the parts of the

nation, on the basis of a single campaign for a new Presidential

system. And we’re going to get a team to get in

there, with no more bullshit. No mere facts, no party

lines, no meaningful suggestions, which are sometimes

the most rotten ones you can possibly get, in my experience.

“So it has to be a Manhattan-centered orientation,

because the key is, as I pointed out earlier: Dump Wall

Street! If we don’t have a dump Wall Street campaign

as the leading course of action, you don’t win anything.

So we have to say, ‘Shut down Wall Street, now, while

we can, with Glass-Steagall, we can change the situation

with Glass-Steagall.’ We can do it. So we have to

do it.

“And we get ourselves marching with some real ammunition

which we have to pull together, and we’re

Now the Hard Road Is the Only Road

going to turn this thing upside down. It’s vulnerable

enough that it can be done. The fact is that the two campaigns,

as such, the so-called leading campaigns for the

Democratic Party have flopped. They’re flopped,

they’re dead, they’re finished! So what kind of a Democratic

campaign do you have? You don’t have a Democratic

Party campaign! You have a bastard Republican

Party campaign. That’s the way you campaign, people

like Trump. That’s the kind of thing that’s being pushed.

“So we have to blow it. And we can blow it on an

international basis, although you don’t like to usually

do that on an international basis in terms of U.S. politics.

But this time it’s come: What Putin is doing, together

with China and India, and about three other nations

which are smaller, tied to Putin now, that’s a pretty

good constituent.

“And the enemy is the British Empire! The competition

is with the British Empire! It’s in sorry conditions;

it’s on the edge itself, like Wall Street. Wall Street is

hopelessly dead. If you want to be a Wall Streeter,

you’re a dead person; there’s no way that mankind can

live under Wall Street, or any form of Wall Street. The

very existence of Wall Street will mean its death in

panic. And you will get an extinction of most of the

human population, as a result of such a panic.

“So the bullshit is over.

A Global Perspective

“And that’s where we are. We’re at a point where as

of this moment now, with the package we have as of

now, the recent developments which match that right

now, we, our campaign policy, is dead! Because it is not

a campaign policy; it’s a wishful thinking policy. And

therefore, we have to think about how we are going to

assemble something which has got the energy to do

something about this. And the way we can do it,—we

can do it on the basis of what Putin has done, and what

Putin has done is not just Putin; it’s China; it’s India; it’s

a whole group of smaller nations, that is, less-weight

nations, working together with Putin, and it’s there!

“So what you have to do, is you have to operate on

the basis of a vision, not of local complexions, not of

regional sections, but you’ve got to think of a global

perspective. The old idea of the principle of party is

crap, and we’ve just got to get rid of that crappy habit.

And we’re going to have to start right now on what

basis, with the fact that we know something and these

guys don’t. That’s the issue. The people who want to be

practical are the people who don’t know how to think.

“We are now in a question of a planetary crisis. Can

the planet as a planet, in and of itself, now sustain an

actual institution on planet Earth? And I would say now,

‘No.’ People pretend it exists, but it actually doesn’t.

And everything now is on this new kind of process,

where you have nations which are defined as nations

with sovereignty. But the sovereignty is conditioned,

because there are overreaching moral questions which

have to be superior to any so-called Constitution. . . .

Take 9/11

“What happened when Manhattan was attacked by

the Saudis, when mass murder was occurring in Manhattan,

and what has been done by the United States on

that issue since that time? I would say that how we deal

with this thing should be a leading factor. Because this

thing is so raw, right now. The situation is so raw, so

degenerated, that opinion itself has become degenerated.

Because if you take any part of the community

within our nation, you feel like you’re dealing with a

degenerate; different flavors of degeneracy.

“And therefore, you have to take the right kind of

themes; don’t think about the political forms per se.

Think about what happened to the people who got killed

by the Saudis and the British: Isn’t that a good issue?

Isn’t that a live issue?

“Jeff [Steinberg] and I had some fun with that issue,

in the sense of—you know, knowing the facts, and

being guided into an experience together with some

British forces who are loyal to people, as opposed to the

other variety. We knew this was coming: We knew that

the British monarchy did it! And used the Saudis as the

instrument. That’s what 9/11 was! And I knew it before

it happened, and Jeff knew it before it happened! And

that should be a little test of,—do you know what the

truth of history is?

“And so we take those kinds of issues, not the socalled

practical issues, but those kind of issues; and you

organize around Classical music, according to the

proper principle, which we have an organization for, essentially

in Manhattan and around it now. Change the

alternative! Change the orientation! Putin I’m sure will

join; China I’m sure will join, others. Let’s do something

about it.

“Now, we’ve got a breakdown, a total breakdown of

the Democratic Party,—totally shattered right now, as

of now. And it was obvious to me at midday on Friday,

that this thing is dead; the Democratic Party teams were


Moneychangers trying to destroy the US causing Great Depression  are at it again with Bailouts and scheduled Bailins.  Roosevelt with Pecora Commission exposed Wall Street criminals and signed Glass-Steagall into law to rein in the Banksters as Emergency Banking Act.  We need to do the same again.  These conmen and crooks of Wall Street never change and forced the repeal of Glass-Steagall manipulating Bill Clinton with the Monica Lewinsky scandal…..they also got rid of the anti Wall street Governor Eliot Spitzer with a call girl scandal-reading between the lines it appeared to be a set-up all the way but once he was gone Wall Street embarked on an orgy of looting and derivatives created bubbles, financial schemes and scams worthy of the Great Train Robber except it was municipalities and taxpayers being looted.  Time to stop the looting!!  Without Glass-Steagall protecting us we can expect a Great Depression worse than the last one.  Why?  We have fewer farmers and more city folk which would result in mass starvation.  Call your Congress and Demand Glass-Steagall!


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