Criminal Corporations Profit Off of Human Suffering


‘The technology industry is growing at a faster rate. Almost all aspects of our lives are gradually depending on it. But as we continue to digitize our lives with the latest technological gadgets, we should bear in mind that it comes at a cost that is likely to derail the progress we have made as a society if we fail to regulate the activities of the tech industry.

Whereas the big players in the industry such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, IBM, HP, Cisco among others are busy accumulating huge profit, our atmosphere, our water, indigenous populations, and in the long run, our economy are all in danger.

By the help of the author, Robert Gibson on, we have documented some of the awful photos the technology industry will never wants you to see. Their actions and activities which are geared toward only wealth creation without regard to the dignity of the human life are killing their direct and indirect employees. They are polluting water bodies, the atmosphere and robbing our economy of huge sums of monies. The following photos and commentaries will give you better understanding of the situation.’

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