The Truth Is Essential: Obama Is a Murderer And He Must Be Removed From Office Now

Lyndon LaRouche yesterday issued a renewed, urgent demand for the immediate removal of Barack Obama from the Presidency of the United States by Constitutional means, lest he carry the entire planet into a thermonuclear war of extinction. LaRouche referred to Obama’s latest round of military provocations against China in the South China Sea, his escalating war in Syria, and his mass-murderous drone program—among others—as exemplary of the policies that must be brought to a screeching halt.

LaRouche stated in a discussion today with the LPAC Policy Committee:

“I think the problem here lies in the fact of Obama…now, Obama essentially is moving, as with the China operations and so forth, and is determined to launch a thermonuclear war. And everything on the trend of his behavior goes in that direction. For example, the attack on the medical institution [in Kunduz, Afghanistan]. Actually, the guy’s a murderer. He’s a plain murderer, and he should be thrown out of office.””And if we don’t say that, and make a campaign around that, I think the world as a whole, the people of the world as a whole, are on the edge. Just look at what Obama’s doing now on China, in the attack on China, which is an absolutely fraudulent operation.”

“Obama is showing his ugly paws, or his bloody paws, in various operations. This man must be withdrawn, his term must be cancelled! We have a Presidential principle, under which he should be classified, that he should be removed from office. If we don’t remove him from office, then we’re getting in a very dangerous situation.”

“The other side of the thing is that we don’t have a Congress, in a sense, which is competent to express itself in a necessary way. Go back to the Presidencies before this one. We’ve had these before. You cannot fool around with this and treat this by saying: ‘We have to negotiate with this.’

“We have to say, ‘No!’ And I think our organization has the ability to say ‘no.’ And I think we have to say no, by just listing some of the crimes he’s committed. And say: These crimes, while they may not be settled, in terms of final decision, the fact is the requirement is that he has to be examined to show why he should not be thrown out of office. The evidence is sufficient there.

The recent string of crimes committed by Obama includes, among many others:

• The Oct. 27 provocation of sending a U.S. warship into Chinese territorial waters in the South China Sea, while promising to continue similar sea and air provocations in the near future. A direct military encounter between the United States and China becomes highly probable if this continues.

• The Oct. 27 Obama administration leak to the Washington Post, Reuters and other media, that his administration has operational plans on the table to send U.S. Special Forces and other troops into Syria—a total violation of the U.S. Constitution and international law—which only await the President’s green light. This could lead to direct military confrontation between the United States and Russia in the Middle East theater.

• The Oct. 3 intentional bombing by the U.S. military of a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, resulting in over 30 deaths, despite receiving prior full information of the coordinates of that hospital. This constitutes a prosecutable war crime. The Obama administration’s brazenness clearly encouraged the Saudi Kingdom to carry out a similar atrocity against an MSF hospital in Yemen on Oct. 26.

• The runaway, illegal drone killing program, under which Obama personally selects and signs off on the cold-blooded murder of suspected terrorists and innocent civilian bystanders alike, as recently exposed bythe Intercept website.

• Obama’s continuing and unwavering commitment to bail out the bankrupt Wall Street system, by killing off America’s physical economy and its population—a system which should instead be eliminated and replaced with LaRouche’s World Land-Bridge economic program.

• Obama’s principal responsibility for creating the refugee crisis that has brought Europe to the edge of the cliff, through the illegal wars which he and his predecessor George Bush launched throughout the region, most recently in Syria.

As Helga Zepp-LaRouche emphasized in her remarks at the Oct. 27 conference in Washington, D.C. with former Senator Mike Gravel, that refugee crisis has now reached the boiling point, and has presented Europe with a make-or-break situation for its very survival. The entire European Union is crumbling in the face of the crisis, which is far more than a refugee crisis: it is a mass migration and existential crisis. The only solution, Zepp-LaRouche stressed, is to bring real development into the Middle East and Africa by extending the World Land-Bridge into these regions. The United States and Great Britain should participate in providing this solution, she stated, since it was the British Monarchy, and the Bush and Obama administrations in the U.S., which caused the crisis in the first place.

LaRouche stressed yesterday:

“This guy Obama has to be called into restraint, and if he’s not, you’re all dead, that’s what the risk is. And I think our approach has to be defined in those terms of reference. I think we have to make that [drone] issue a top-of-the-list issue. If anyone says that is justified, that is a lie—you’re sucked into adopting a lie. When you murder people, you murder them! And you say ‘you are murdering them.’“And Obama is essentially a murderer; he’s a mass murderer. The President of the United States currently is a mass murderer! Now if you want to save the U.S., you have to say that. If you don’t say that, well, you may be the next one to go.”

As for those who have been so fearful of Obama that they have been paralyzed into inaction and toleration of his Nazi crimes, LaRouche stated:”The truth is essential: Obama is a murderer, period. If you want civilization to survive, you must shut down Obama. Not long-term; right now.”

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