WW3-Who Would Win?





September 3, 2015 at 10:08 am

First of all World War 3 isn’t about just the United States vs China it means what it says it is and that’s a war of the world meaning a large percentage of the world fighting in two or more sides. Now China is superior when it comes to most of what you see in the infographic not to mention dedication etc but you must remember Russia would join up with China and no one else has a chance unless they have an covert exotic weapon that’s better than the other side and believe me Russia is superior in both normal conventional, nuclear and exotic weapons and China is getting the same way now. In order for the US to win out on an attack on Russia it would have to resort to biological warfare and bare in mind the Pentagon’s surroud Russia with biolabs. I wouldn’t trust the US as far as I can throw them and right now they’re trialing the MERS bioweapon again both in the Middle East and Asia. China has to destroy the New Venice Empire with a swipe of a pen by bringing in a gold-backed currency etc. Warships and aircraft carriers are extinct and can be destroyed in the blink of an eye by Russian missiles. Tanks are no longer of major use when one has aircraft or missiles. So war today is a very different thing to the past so when you see all these gung-ho idiots in their US tanks traveling over Europe under the NATO banner riddled with aggression just laugh because one the weapon is ancient and two Russia’s Armata tank is far superior.


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