US Most Hated Country By the Rest of the World For Creating ISIS and Al Qaeda, Wars of Oppression, Genocide, Stealing Resources, etc.


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Sept,. 21m 2015

No nation in history has ever threatened peace more than the United States, US author Stephen Lendman emphasizes, adding that Washington bears full responsibility for creating the notorious Islamic State.

US President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are hypocritically calling for a diplomatic solution to the world’s burning conflicts, while waging perpetual wars in multiple theaters, US author and syndicated columnist Stephen Lendman underscores.

“Washington bears full responsibility for creating ISIS [ISIL]. Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin traced its origin from Bush’s Iraq war, saying it ‘became active when (it) began storming Baghdad…So, the Islamic State ripened in Iraq during the US occupation. (America) should be blamed for’ its rise and proliferation,” Lendman pointed out in his article for Global Research.

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‘Mystery Inside an Enigma’: Why Are US Neocons Dying to Intervene in Syria?

Remarkably, the recent poll carried out by the British polling organization ORB International, an affiliate of WIN/Gallup International, has found out that 82 percent of Syrians blame the US for creating ISIL, while 79 percent claimed that “foreign fighters made war worse.”Furthermore, the poll has indicated that Bashar al-Assad’s positions in Syria have strengthened from a year ago.

“[T]he more that the war has continued, the more opposed to the US the Syrian people have become, and the more that they are supporting Bashar al-Assad, whom the Syrian people know that the US is trying to bring down,” US investigative historian Eric Zuesse commented on the issue in one of his recent articles.

Meanwhile, the Russian leadership is urging the international community to team up and fight against the ISIL threat.

“Russia…has proposed (forming) a wide coalition to fight extremists without any delay. It should unite everyone [against a common enemy],” Russian President Putin said as quoted by Lendman.

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