Call Congress: Get Rid of Glyphosates (Roundup Poisons)!!!

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Chances are, your body is already contaminated with cancer-causing glyphosate

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 by: Jennifer Lea Reynolds

Although many people try to be healthy by eating well, exercising regularly and surrounding themselves by positive people, the sad truth is that despite these efforts, their health is likely already in jeopardy. Odds are, thanks to exposure to cancer-causing chemicals like glyphosate — found in none other than Monsanto’s Roundup — your body is already contaminated.

Consider that documents exist proving that glyphosate exists in the human body, something which Monsanto has consistently denied. Monsanto maintains that “Glyphosate inhibits an enzyme that is essential to plant growth; this enzyme is not found in humans or other animals, contributing to the low risk to human health” and that it “has very low acute toxicity to people and wildlife.” Not so, according to the glyphosate briefings.

The briefings, put forth by Friends of the Earth, bring to light studies that have been conducted which prove the existence of glyphosate in human bodies. One called, “Human contamination by glyhosate,” mentions that 60 percent of farmers who, after the chemical had been applied, were found to have detectable amounts of the cancer-causing evil in their system. Even days after application, farmers were still found to have glyphosate in their bodies.

That same briefing details how widespread the issue is.

Glyphosate detected in urine samples, including in 80 percent of children’s samples

For example, a Canada study found that glyphosate was found in 5 percent of women about to have surgery, and in an Iowa study, it was detected in the urine of both farming and non-farming families, including 80 percent of children’s urine samples.

“On average 44 percent of all samples from volunteers in 18 countries were found to contain traces of glyphosate,” the briefing states. Germany, Poland, Cyprus, Great Britain and Austria were among the 18 countries. “Despite the fact that glyphosate is the world’s best-selling chemical herbicide and glyphosate-containing herbicides are the most widely-used herbicides in Europe, very little testing is done for glyphosate residues in food, feed, or water.”

That’s shocking to hear, especially coming from Europe where many health standards seem to surpass those of the United States. “Tests for glyphosate in the body do not take place at all,” the briefing states.

What needs to be done now to end the glyphosate madness: Steps you can take

Therefore, Friends of the Earth demands that companies using glyphosate (are you listening, Monsanto?) put on their testing hats and actually use it. They make clear that the problem of glyphosate in the body is blatantly obvious, demanding that food and feed monitoring programs be put in place, as should glyphosate reduction programs.

Until widespread measures like this are put in place everywhere, people can continue to raise awareness and make their voices known. The Pesticide Action Network (PAN) has a “Hold Leaders Accountable” section on their web site, encouraging people to contact representatives on federal, state and local levels. Call 1-202-224-3121 (Capitol switchboard) and ask to be connected to your representative. They even provide an easy way to find out who that is through links that simply require you to enter your zip code.

PAN also suggests writing letters, and includes templates [PDF] that you can use as a model. Consider mentioning specific studies such as the information in this article, recent glyphosate findings or even how the chemical has affected your family or community.

Making your voice heard is vital to ensure your good health; Roundup’s glyphosate has been linked to fertility issues, cancers and Parkinson’s disease due to the fact that it wreaks havoc on the body’s cells and leads to inflammation.

In addition to contacting representatives, keep yourself updated with the latest glyphosate developments and of course, never use Roundup. Also be sure to eat only organic foods that are free of toxins that destroy your body.

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Pesticide Action Network (PAN)

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