USA is a mind controlled nation.  All of the elements of MKUltra are a part of daily life in the USA.  Extreme levels of violent crime in major US cities (like violence inflicted on MKUltra subjects), rampant availability of drugs everywhere (MKUltra uses at least 20 types of drugs), hypnotic programming via repetition (like repetition of Democracy and Being Patriotic instilling Nazi type of Nationalism in the Media), rampant rape and sexual abuse of children in USA (same as what happens in MKUltra labs) -US in MKUltra nation….like a giant NaziLand.

The population here is being Socially Engineered via drugs, media, press, violence culture, school programming of a fake history and lies disseminated as truths especially regarding Native Americans, etc.  Social Engineering IS mind control on a less horrific level.

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