Americans Remain in Denial as WW3 Looms on Their Doorstep

A Third World War Would be Mankind’s Last”Sergey Naryshkin, Russian Duma

Russia and China “ Know What Time it is..”

Who Can We Awake in America?

Speaker: Lyndon LaRouche

LPAC Conference Call, Thursday, August 6, 2015, 9pm edt, 6pm pdt; Call-in 559-726-1200, access code 787070#, Backup 951-262-7373

LPAC Conference Call, Thursday, August 6, 2015, 9pm edt, 6pm pdt; Call-in  559-726-1200, access code 787070#, Backup 951-262-7373


August: Create an Impact to Prevent Thermonuclear War

At the end of a meeting with associates on Saturday, Lyndon LaRouche stated:”This is the month of August; and within the month of August, we have to create an impact which will prevent thermonuclear war.”

There may be widespread denial in the U.S. population over the imminent danger of nuclear war, but the top leadership of Russia and China suffer no such affliction. For example, Russia’s ambassador to Mexico, Eduard Malayan, published an op-ed in the El Sol national chain of newspapers in which he gave a de facto warning about the Guns of August. When you look around you do not see summer’s relaxation, he wrote, and he urged readers to recall that surprises “often abound in August.” Similarly, the Chairman of the Russian Duma, Sergey Naryshkin, stated that “a Third World War would be mankind’s last,” and warned that wars often occur because too many people engage in “silent connivance” and toleration of fascist ideology. And the Chinese Army used a front page editorial in the People’s Liberation Army Daily of Aug. 1, which is also China’s Army Day, to warn that”the risks and challenges are extremely severe, and the possibility of chaos and war on our doorstep has increased.”

Russia and China clearly “know what time it is.” But most Americans remain in a dangerous state of denial, which we must break through, and that quickly, to mobilize sufficient political forces to prevent the British Empire’s drive for thermonuclear war….

Chinese Army Warns of the Danger of ‘War on Our Doorstep’


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Congressional Recess Alert


Senators and Representatives will hold town meetings and other constituency meetings during the recess, which extends until the beginning of September. As Mr. LaRouche stressed last night, we need to move the Congress to act on the war danger, as we continue the fight for Glass-Steagall. Also, Mr.LaRouche said last night, the American people have stopped wars before. Please use the leaflet below, and help us create the movement needed in this country against thermonuclear war.


Hillary Clinton Must Tell the Truth About Benghazi, and Bring Down Obama Before He Unleashes the Guns of August



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