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Exposing the Zionazi’s who run Washington, D.C. and Amerika!  The Zionazi’s are the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and the middle class of Amerika is now its target.  Expect jobs to disappear, pensions to evaporate, standards of living to degrade, high unemployment, bank deposits to disappear after bank holidays (like Cyprus) absent Glass-Steagall to prevent the looting, mass increases in suicides, college graduates increasingly living with their parents and several generations living in one house-third world style.  America has become a third world country!  BTW these mafia made a killing off of 9-11 in insurance schemes (insuring worthless buildings for terrorist attacks one month before the attacks, stock puts, heist of gold bars beneath 911 complex, etc.  The Bin Laden’s and the Saudi’s must be a god send for these criminals.

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