Big Lie Apologists: By Demonizing Russia West Justifying Own Aggression

Big Lie Apologists: By Demonizing Russia West Justifying Own Aggression © AP Photo/ Evgeniy Maloletka

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The West is spreading a Big Lie about Russia’s participation in the Ukrainian civil war and demonizing the Kremlin; but in reality the Russian leadership wants the people of Donbass to remain within Ukraine’s electorate in order to counterbalance neo-Nazi forces in Ukraine, US author Eric Zuesse notes.

Even Western “alternative” media is turning a blind eye to the fact that Washington and Brussels are spreading a Big Lie about Russia’s involvement in the Ukrainian civil war, insisting that the Russian army is itself participating in the conflict, US author and investigative historian Eric Zuesse emphasizes.

“The Russian armed forces are not participants in Ukraine’s US-caused civil war: that’s a fact. The allegation to the contrary is a US-Ukrainian government lie — nothing else… The US Government is simply trying to fool the public into believing that the Ukrainian government’s bombing that area of the former Ukraine doesn’t cause thousands of the residents there to take up arms against those invaders, and against that government — the government which calls all of these residents ‘terrorists’,” the historian elaborated.

The Big Lie concept, adopted by the Western propaganda machine, was first formulated by infamous Nazi minister of propaganda Joseph Geobbels, who stated that “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it,” and added that “the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie.”
Despite false claims of the Russian “invasion” repeated by Washington and its puppet-government in Ukraine, the Ukrainian authorities only “wish” that they were fighting against Russia, Zuesse underscored.

The false pretext is aimed at persuading the American taxpayers and Washington’s European allies to fork over more money on Kiev’s war against its own people in Donbass. On the other hand, by arming Kiev’s army the West is pushing Ukraine toward conflict with Russia.

“On August 15th, a Ukrainian government site headlined, ‘Ukrainian army is not ready for war with Russia with the use of aircraft, helicopters and missiles — expert,’ and quoted ‘Director of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament, Valentine Badrak’,” Zuesse remarked.

While Washington and its subservient media in Ukraine are banging the tom-toms over Russia’s imaginary advance on Ukraine, the reality is far simpler: contrary to the West’s false narrative, Russia needs a unified Ukraine with its eastern provinces’ electorate counterbalancing Ukraine’s radical neo-Nazi west, the author explained.
Zuesse referred to the fact that the Ukrainian independence supporters had called upon the Kremlin in 2014 to accept their territory as a part of Russia. Their request was firmly rejected and since that time the two breakaway republics have been building their own independent country.

“And, ever since then, Putin has been very clear in all of his communications with Merkel and other foreign leaders, that Russia would not accept that region as being a part of Russia. He also made clear his reason: He wants the people in that region — who had voted 90%+ for a neutralist person, Yanukovych, to lead Ukraine — to remain within Ukraine’s electorate, so as to provide the necessary moderating element and counterbalance to the rabidly anti-Russian racists that were placed into power in Ukraine (next door to Russia), by Obama’s February 2014 coup,” Zuesse stressed.

It was Washington who pushed Ukraine to the brink of catastrophe. Before the United States toppled democratically elected Viktor Yanukovich there was no civil war in Ukraine, “it was at peace, as it long had been.”

“In other words: not only is the Ukrainian government not at war with the Russian government, but Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, is doing everything he can to prevent such a war from occurring,” Zuesse stated.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration obliterated Libya, ruined Ukraine and is now destroying Syria. However, its ultimate goal is to conquer Russia and that is why Washington is demonizing the Kremlin and stigmatizing Russia.

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