Russell Means Tells it Like it Is!


To All Americans:  Welcome to the Reservation-The White Man Has Become the New Indian Meaning Loss of Constitutional Rights (Based On Indian Law),

Reservation is Basically an Internment Camp and Under NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act)  Amerika Has Become an Internment Camp Where Anyone Can Be Arrested Anytime Without a Warrant and Just Left In Prison to Rot and Die

Russell Means Also Discusses Solutions to Our Current Crisis-He is the Canary in the Coal Mine Having Lived in White Society (Programmer and Accountant With a PhD) and Native Society as a Dope Dealer then Political Activist-the Khazarian Mafia Was Behind the Forcing of Natives Into Internment Camp or Prisoner of War Camps.  The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia are the sponsors of the NWO.


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