Hidden Enemy: Psychiatry

Now Psychiatry is using all kinds of stimulant drugs like Ritalin on schoolchildren…..Ritalin is also known as “Kiddie-cocaine” and predisposing children to grow up into drug addicts….sure Big Pharma has that covered too with physicians prescribing record dosages of anti-depressants and huge numbers of prescriptions for the elderly in nursing homes to the point they’re literally drugged up all the time.  It’s called chemical restraints and it’s legally being used in the United State, Britain, Australia, and elsewhere.  This is a huge moneymaker for the Rothschild controlled Big Pharma and AMA.  They now control half the world’s wealth and are trillionaires with assets within the $500 trillion dollar mark…..don’t be their suckers and be discriminating about the drugs you use...you have the right to refuse to take them.….research these drugs on the internet or in a nurses drug book.  Most drugs have about 50-100 side effects with the anti-depressants causing suicides and homicides.  (suidical “ideations”—fancy word for ideas and homicidal “ideations” another word for ideas—-dangerous ideas, in short.)  American “Medicine” is Rothschild Medicine-profit driven medicine and look to Indian Ayurvedic (true medicine) and Chinese Herbal Healing…(5000 years old).   Real medicine…this is not to say that surgery for broken bones doesn’t work or that antibiotics shouldn’t be used to cure infections….for sure these are needed practices but the main target here is the mental health psycho-quackery pill pushers.  Under the new “Free Trade Agreements”  America will not only lose its sovereignty but also corporations rights will supercede sovereignty rights and corporations can sue governments for billions of dollars and win!  forcing countries to live under their dictats!  This is Fascism!  Patient Rights:  You Have the Right to Say No!!!  Say No!!!  Call your representatives and tell them to oppose all “Free Trade Agreements” meaning TPP, TISA, TPIP and repeal all previous free trade agreements:  NAFTA, GAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, ETC.  Check out cchr.org and then cchr.org/vets for more information.  This is important!  We are living in a Soviet style Gulag.

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