1127 Journalists Killed since 1992


Press in Ukraine face attacks and raids

As unrest in Ukraine enters its second year, journalists covering the fighting continue to be harassed. In Crimea, the homes of journalists working with the Center for Investigative Reporting are raided by Russian FSB security agents. Masked gunmen and Russian agents raid the newsroom of regional broadcaster ATR, and journalists including Serhiy Nikolayev are killed in crossfire as Ukrainian troops fight pro-Russian separatists. Press freedom violations recorded by CPJ include frequent attacks on the press, journalists being detained, and broadcasts being blocked.
The reason journalists are so virulently attacked is that the NWO-illuminati-Satanists are absolutely desperate to keep the truth they expose from being outed.  See:  Change Media University at http://wearechange.org/change-media-university/  Journalism right now is absolutely critical and the more truths exposed, the better.

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