Deep State phony who promotes Globalism. 

March 19, 2020

NY Times: Bill Gates Stepping Down From Microsoft’s BoardMr. Gates, who founded the company with Paul Allen four decades ago, will also step down from the board of Berkshire Hathaway.


The timing of Bill Gates’ unexpected resignations from both the Boards of Microsoft (the company which he co-founded) as well as of Warren Buffoon’s Berkshire Hathaway Empire did not come as a shock to the chroniclers of Q Anon — who has often posted that the unusual number of CEO’s and other high executives who have “resigned” these past few years would continue to increase as part of “the plan.” But what many have missed is Gate’s clear connection to the hyped-up outbreak of this not-so-deadly virus which the Deep State engineered for geo-political purposes — but which will soon backfire upon them as already may be the case with Gates.

Gates — who is also a Global Warmist promoter, has had this odd obsession with viruses and vaccines. In November of 2019, shortly before the first case of COVID-19 appeared in China, a Netflix crockumentary featured the “prophet” Gates warning of such pandemics. An excerpt from Netflix’s “Pandemic” (not Gates speaking):

November 7, 2019

“This is a wet market in the Lianghua, China. Unlike markets in much of the West, where animals are already dead when they arrive, this wet market sells meat that’s very fresh. It’s killed on sight. That’s what makes it a disease factory. … All the while, their viruses are mixing and mutating, increasing the odds that one finds its way to humans.” (here)

Just 10 days later (here) — the very first case (though not known as the first at the time) popped up in China. The subsequent pandemic would later be attributed to a “wet market” ( pending)_ — How conveeenient — as the Church Lady of old Saturday Night Live fame used to say!

Flashback to December 20, 2016 — the interim period between the outgoing Obongo and incoming President-elect Trump — and Globalist Atlantic Magazine brings us more “prophecy”:

Headline: How a Pandemic Might Play Out Under Trump

“Bioethicist Art Caplan from the New York University School of Medicine envisages a quick slide towards isolation and authoritarianism. In a blog post that can only be described as pandemic fan-fiction, he imagines that a lethal mutant strain of H7N9 flu emerges in China and spreads to America. A hypothetical President Trump responds with a quick succession of moves: He seals the borders with Canada and Mexico; he quarantines sick Americans; he declares martial law, builds detention-style camps for quarantine-defiers, and uses epidemic conspiracies to launch a trade war with China. … Future years will reveal whether the story is prophetic or far-fetched.”


Wow! Just wow. It looks as though Caplan not only knew the script, but anticipated how Trump would flip it in his favor.

1 & 2. “Pandemic” by Netflix (2019) starring the “prophetic” Bill Gates, and Times Mag (2017) and many other Fake News and Hollweird Films had the gift of “prophecy.” // 3. Tell it, Church Lady. Tell it!

Frankly, even long before figuring out how the world works, your intuitive reporter here — as well as his faithful feline sidekick from “the other side,” never liked nor trusted this Ghoulish Geek who was so obsessed with viruses. There was always something “off” about him. Since his days as a 20-something CIA whiz kid, Gates has always had that spoiled elitist rich brat air about him. In 1975, at 19, little Billy was arrested for speeding and driving without a license. Two years later, Gates was again arrested for passing through a red light in his Porsche, and (allegedly) mouthing off at the cop. After smiling arrogantly for the mug shot, the little punk bailed himself out with cash from his wallet. Gates, by then 33, would again be arrested in 1989, for drunken driving. (all here)

Little Billy learned early on that he was part of the untouchable class. His father, Bill Gates Sr., was a hot-shot lawyer who served as president of both the Seattle and Washington State Bar Associations. Still hanging in there at age 94, Papa Gates later went on to rub elbows with the likes of David Rockefeller and George Soros. Nothing good can come out of that oily bunch of demons. That’s for damn sure.

1. Smile Little Billy. Nothing can happen to the son of the President of the Washington Bar Association. // 2. Deep State Gates is big on viruses and loves the U.N. // 3. Papa Gates (tall man) does a group photo with other Globalist “philanthropists” — including George Soros, Ted Turner and David Rockefeller.

Billy Billionaire has some other skeletons in his commie closet too. — stuff so bad that really adds to our suspicion that Trump and the White Hats may have finally placed this evil creep under their boots. The Jeffrey Epstein civil trials are coming up this June, and that has got many of these scum-elites worried. We’ll let The Slimes speak here:

Headline: NY Times: (November 26, 2019)

Bill Gates Met with Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past

“Unlike many others, Mr. Gates started the relationship after Mr. Epstein was convicted of sex crimes. (here)

Billy boy, you got some splainin’ to do … both about your powers of “prophecy” as well as your proclivity for perversion. It is interesting to note that Gates, like that monster Tom Hanks has also just self-quarantined and, also like Hanks, is issuing strange social media posts which suggest that their accounts have been taken over.

Something is happening, boys and girls. Stay tuned.

1. Billy and Jeffrey were buddies — even after it became commonly known what went on at Epstein’s Island (which Gates visited) // 2. A “Medal of Freedom” from Obongo for Bill & Melinda Gates. That ALONE is evidence of his evil! // 3. “Working from home?” — or under house arrest?

1. With all his money, why is Tom Hanks “quarantined” in a drab-looking room in Australia, instead of a 5-Star hotel? Notice the barcode on the door. Is this a hotel? Or some military facility? // 2. Hank’s Instagram shows a simple meal, with shadows of prison bars evidently photo-shopped in the background. // 3. Another strange image of Hank’s outdated typewriter, supposedly brought with him to Australia? — a CORONA! — posted at 17:17 on March 17. //// 17 = Q

Tell it, Trump. Tell it!  — (and he’s not talking about Coronavirus)

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times that Bill Gates is stepping down from the Boards of Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway to focus on philanthropy.

Boobus Americanus 2: Gates does a lot of good things with his money.

St. Sugar: He’ss a virtue-ssignalling Deep State phony who promotess Globalissm.

Editor: Probably rapes young girls or boys too.

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