Protests in France about to escalate as Yellow Vests planning a run on the banks to cripple the Bankster financial system

Protests in France about to escalate as Yellow Vests planning a run on the banks to cripple the financial system

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Protests are great, but as they say, money talks and bulls*it walks.  And after weeks of demanding regress from the Macron government with little to show, leaders of the Yellow Vest movement are upping the stakes by planning that protesters conduct a run on the banks in the coming days. French grassroots political movement the Gilets Jaunes — Yellow Vests — is planning a bank run similar to Bitcoin’s (BTC) Proof of Keys, sources revealed on social media Jan….READ MORE

loquendolaxeJune 12, 2014 @ 6:46 am

This latest video is arguably one of Brother Nathanael’s very best. An intelligently assembled narrative, full of (justified) sarcasm and dry humour.

The big spider at the centre of the great web of Satanic worship, homosexuality, fraud, theft, murder, deceit, and war-mongering is the Rothschild family.

And if it isn’t solely the Rothschilds, then it is they who are acting directly on behalf of the Spider. The Rothschilds would be able to identify all those who took part in the spinning of that web.

The Jews of America are the great irritant, the catalyzers, agents, gofers, and uncaring foot-soldiers of the agenda: originally set in motion during the mid-19th century by a newly enriched Rothschild clan (following the highly profitable Napoleonic wars). This is also (incidentally) when Britain started to “rule the waves.”

Mass conversion to the Orthodox Church would really start to transform America, and help free its populace from bondage.

But, I am afraid I remain of the opinion that nothing is going to permanently change unless and until you arrest and then execute the worst offenders from Wall Street, and also from Washington DC’s inner sanctum.

For example, how many people have been killed in cold blood due to the perverse and twisted personality possessed by the arch-Zionist, Hillary Clinton?

These people in black with silly round hats only understand blood and violence. So you must make an example of the ‘best’ of them. Then see them tremble and run like the cockroaches they are. Pursuit will be your next priority. To the ends of the Earth if necessary.

No elite ‘Jew’ … and certainly no Neo-Con … should ever be allowed to escape justice and the wrath of a people who have been milked dry and covertly murdered, for about 100 years.

It is beyond time we bled them dry. All their ill-gotten assets must be seized, and the proceeds used to pay for the destruction of their filthy world, and their filthy organizations. And for the rope used to hang them.

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