When the Zionist Banksters at the Federal Reserve Don’t Get Their Way They Hike Interest Rate!

Trump directly attacks Fed Chairman Powell, saying ‘Obama had zero’ interest rates

by TUT editor

ed note–all those who consider themselves politically savvy need to consider carefully what kind of ‘discussion’ is really taking place here in coded language.

What Trump is saying is that there is a concerted effort on the part of those who control/manage the money supply in America00and no, it isn’t the Nazis, the Illuminati, the Jesuits, or the Bilderbergers–to strangle the economy to which Trump has been performing CPR since taking office, indicating 2 things–

1. That indeed, as all the ‘conspiracy theorists’ have maintained now for decades, control of the economy through control of the money supply is indeed something that is the perview of a private entity that–by pure coincidence, no doubt–just happens to be overwhelmingly owned by a handful of powerful Jewish banking families,


2. That this entity is monkeying around with the bread-n-butter of 330 million Americans for political purposes, as they have done with previous administrations who ended up with a contract being put out on their political careers due to whatever plans they had vis a vis Israel and Jewish interests in general.

For reasons of perspective, recall that George H.W. Bush had approval ratings in the 90th percentile after his destruction of Iraq, but as soon as he withheld $10 billion in loan guarantees to Israel contingent upon them coming to the peace negotiations table, the Fed under Alan Greenspan immediately began a program of raising interest rates, thus slowing the economy, and this coupled with the minute by minute coverage in the JMSM of how ‘bad’ the economy was, resulted in Bush losing to Clinton in ’92.

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