LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat-TONIGHT!

LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

July 19, 2018 – 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific

Moderator – Dennis Speed, LaRouchePAC, Manhattan
Guest – Diane Sare, LaRouchePAC Manhattan

Conference call dial-in number: 641-715-3655
Access code: 787070#

Backup number: 951-262-7373

To ask a question, dial *6 during the call to enter the queue

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The political moment is clear. The President is acting on behalf of the future of the world in his vision of relations with Russia and China. Most in Congress and official Washington are stuck in a deadly past in which they serve a foreign master, the British Empire. As long as they act on world events in the mode of a British colonial administrator, they will prosper, regardless of their “errors.” A different generation would not have tolerated an “error” which killed millions after the U.S. invasion of Iraq set the entirety of Southwest Asia ablaze. Now, one of the authors of that war, John Brennan, who was actually promoted for his genocidal actions, is allowed to call the President “treasonous” for attempting to open frozen communications channels between the United States and the Russia.

It is time for the actual traitors, the perpetual warfare profiteers to be run out of Washington. Russia, China, India, and Trump need now to escalate and show the world the concrete benefits of their new paridigm. The American people need to be brought in on the deal, to find their identity in it. How do we effectively campaign for this? Join us for tonight’s discussion.

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