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David Duke Exposes Alex Jones While Exposing Total Zionist (Synagogue of Satan) Takeover

My Comment:  NOTE that the Federal Reserve controlled by Zionists-United States Money Controlled by Zionists as is President, Congress, both Parties and even local governments.  Cynthia McKinney said the same.  Note that Goldman Sachs is called Government Sachs and it is Zionist inside and out.  Rothschild Zionists run Hollywood, medicine in New Orleans, Book Publishing companies, our 96% Media and Newspapers.  They run us.  We’re their bitches.

We do everything they tell us to do:  Fight their wars and pay for them while these Rothchild Zionists reap all the money from these wars.  We take their gay/homosexual/transgender agenda as okay which is anti-Christian and NOT allowed in Israel.  We are controlled by their Agenda for a New World Order (NWO) which is anti-American.

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