The masthead of Daat Emet, an academic and wholly Jewish website in Israel that exposes Jewish supremacism. In a follow-up letter to pundit James Gill, a Jewish Professor in Israel speaks about the incessant media smears against David Duke while ignoring the powerful danger of Jewish extremism. He sent us a somewhat edited version of his original letter to Gill.

All Jews in Israel laugh at America and know that our brethren control your country, your media, your politics, your culture, your very minds.

The Media Rails Against David Duke but Ignores the Real Danger to America and the World!

Dear Mr. Gill,

You are very emotional about David Duke, a lot more than this Jew is. David Duke’s name does not stand on itself in the press, his name always comes with a preface like, racist or nazi, or anti-semite. As a Jewish professor who has extensively read David Duke’s writings, I don’t think he is any of those things. You speak of his past associations. He’s 58 now I think, so his early college days are almost 40 years ago. No matter, in Israel, we know that there are people that don’t like us, we expect that, but frankly, I have little worry about David Duke’s possible secret thoughts for we have our own versions of real, live, murderous and repressive Nazism in my country, right now.  You are worried about Duke’s possible secret beliefs but you seem to have no worry about George Bush going to war for Israel in Iraq? You didn’t address any of the concerns in my letter to you other than screaming about Nazism. That is common tactic of Israel, the spectre of Nazism can be used to justify any violation of human rights against the Palestinian people.

My Comment:  Our press is owned by the Zionists such as Rupert Murdoch and is only a voice for Zionism who as they state “hate countries that they want to turn into welfare states”-Netanyahu….America owned, controlled, made a fool out of by Zionists such as our Zionist lobbyists exercising near total control over Congress, Presidents, Courts, Media, Education, Hospitals, Hollywood, etc. etc. etc.

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