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Category: Your Money

Politicians Printed and Borrowed Roughly $6 trillion – the Equivalent of $30,000 for Every Adult in the US.

Money Metals News Alert June 29, 2020 – Gold and silver prices rallied again last week. Fear is creeping back into the equity markets. Investors are looking at surging numbers of COVID-19 infections, and some...

In the Midst of American Shut Down, Poverty & Homelessness ZIONIST Israel Getting $38 Billion Of U.S. Taxpayer Money For Free; It’s Official: US Citizens Are Slaves to Israel/Rothschilds (Pictured Starving Child From War Zone)

Senate to Give $38 Billion to Israel as US Economy Implodes By infostormer -May 24, 20200 We might be heading towards 50 percent unemployment in America, but that’s not going to stop Israel from getting $38...

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