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Category: South America

U.S. Foreign Policy in Venezuela

America’s meddling in Venezuela has no boundaries. After a failed coup attempt, trying to install a bogus president and imposing crippling sanctions, will it ever be held to account?by Eva Bartlett May 21, 2020, -by Eva...

Zombie’s Alert: The World Does Not Hate U.S. For Our Freedoms; It Hates U.S. For Our Atrocities-Our Satanic Foreign Policy

ZombieThe CranberriesAnother head hangs lowlyChild is slowly takenAnd the violence, caused such silenceWho are we mistaken?But you see, it’s not meIt’s not my familyIn your head, in your head, they are fightingWith their tanks,...

Coronavirus Ticks EVERY Globalist Check Box

With each passing day, it looks more and more like the globalist’s paradise is taking shape perfectly. Martial law is really starting to ramp up in major cities across the world and especially in...

Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste —Rahm Emmanuel

Comment: Coronavirus is the BEST CRISIS ever for Martial Law, Police State, Quarantines, Enforced Vaccinations, you name it!

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