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Category: China

Racist Planned Parenthood Exposed!

The immense impact of Bill Gates Sr. | UW Magazine … › feature › the-immense-imp… Bill Gates Sr. gained wide acclaim for leading roles as husband, father, lawyer, … The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which formed in 2000 with the...

What’s Really Behind Quarantines, Chinese Totalitarianism Imposed in U.S.S.A. By Bankster Globalists

Coronavirus Ticks EVERY Globalist Check Box

With each passing day, it looks more and more like the globalist’s paradise is taking shape perfectly. Martial law is really starting to ramp up in major cities across the world and especially in...

The Truth About China

Ron Wieczorek 18 mars kl. 08:05 · It’s time for a reality check – time to stop blowing BS -time for a NEW PARADIGM As I see it: The West is quick to label...

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