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Category: Geoengineering

Live Through This…Rockefellers’ & Rothschild’s ZIONIST Plan For YOU….4 Horsemen Have Arrived

Comment: Rockefeller Foundation Number: 212-869-8500 Located at 420 Fifth Avenue in New York, New York Global Business Network at 101 Market St. Ste. 1000, Telephone #415-932-5400 Call them a give them a piece of...

Why the U.S. is Broke: Criminally Abusive Mind Control Projects, 800 Overseas Bases & Chemtrails Spraying Worldwide

Comment: Defense Agencies, Banksters, Dept of Defense, Pentagon, etc. have made selves UNACCOUNTABLE for irresponsible spending. Biggest political problems is MIND CONTROL at 21.30 and outrageous spending on these types of programs. Totally criminal...

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