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Harvey Disaster = Wall Street Production

  World Land-Bridge New International Economic Order American Credit System Glass-Steagall Harvey Disaster Made by Wall Street 109 SHARES Hamiltonain vol 2 issue 19.pdf The catastrophe in Texas is a man-made disaster accomplished by...

Hurricane IRMA: Lamestream Fear Porn to Distract Us From Vault 7 (Wikileaks) Dump?

A Daily Web Page Summary of the Dirty Lies, Glaring Omissions, Half Truths & Globalist Bias of The NY Times Front Page Headlines ___________________________________________________________________           FREE SAMPLE   1 FED RESERVE NOTE ___________________________________________________________________   “We read and rebut their...

Thank You United Arab Emirates! Beautiful Gesture!

United Arab Emirates gives $10m for Hurricane Harvey recovery by MG editor And Gaza? Iraq? Syria?…. My Comment:  Let Us Not Forget Gaza, Iraq, Syria.  We, in the United States, owe it to these nations to...

Hurricane Irma

With humane and financial resources already stretched since Harvey struck Texas, I am worried sick the animals of Hurricane Irma will be left behind.

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