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Category: Civil Unrest

Gates Tied to “Antifa U-Haul” Seen Delivering Shields and Other Supplies to Rioters in Louisville, Kentucky.

Bail Project Tied to Antifa U-haul Received Millions From … Audacious Project, which received hundreds of millions in funding from BillGates, the TED organisation (of the famous TED Talks), and others, has provided $100 million to...

Kenosha Embraces Martial Law Rather Than Arrest & Prosecute George Soros [Zionist] Who Funds This Violence; All of These Political Puppets Including Trump Are Owned by the ZIONIST Cabal

martial law[ˈˌmärSHəl ˈlô]NOUN military government, involving the suspension of ordinary law.”unlike the previous military interventions, the general did not declare martial law” What would happen if martial law was declared in America?First and foremost,...

Communism’s Use of Racial Differences Into Divide & Control

Comment: Arm yourself. When U.S. Gov’t collapses police will not show up for work and you will fend for yourself. Arm yourself. Dream: Vigilante Justice had become the norm. All the violent rapists, murderers,...

Belarus Besieged by CIA Staged Protests (CIA Is Organized Crime)

Belarus: CIA Stages Protests After Lukashenko Wins Election infostormer – August 10, 20201WorldThe usual suspects are claiming with no evidence that the election was rigged.Read more

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