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Category: Animal Rights

DARPA: Evil Genius For Military [& PETA is Silent While Mad Scientists Torture Animals]

Comment: A Person’s brain energy & consciousness carry a distinct imprint or signature. CIA has long known this. DARPA is directly responsible for torturing people and animals to death. Cancer is Torture & so...

Free pdf Book to Read During Holidays

Brutal Proof-pdf Book BY ADMIN · PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 26, 2018 · UPDATED FEBRUARY 26, 2018

People Need to Examine Crimes Like This That Hard Core Drug Abusers Commit-Please Sign! Serial Killers/Rapists Start Off Torturing Animals!

Dog Sexually Assaulted by Gang Deserves Justice A dog was violently gang raped in a horrific case of animal cruelty. The people responsible are still at large. Demand justice for this innocent animal. And please...

Corrupt California Officials BLOCK Animal Rescue Efforts in Paradise, California

We need help to continue our efforts. FIRES and PETS:  Animals Left to Die in Paradise –  Officials BLOCKING Rescue Efforts  – Emergency Call to Action and Awareness     Keep in mind this is...

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