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Synagogue of Satan Elite & Missing Children


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Snuff-movies, SRA, Cannibalism, Dutroux: The Dire Truth – Abused Children, Tormented Souls:

This is what happens if someone tries to speak out about these networks – Dutroux & the dead witnesses (2004):

The X Dossiers – from Dutroux to Zandvoort, justice was never served (2004):

Zandvoort CD-ROM, one of the biggest European scandals, and most people never even heard of it (French documentary, English subs):

NOTHING HAS CHANGED – Dutch Injustice System – When Child Trafficers Rule A Nation:

The UK Parliament is infested with Paedophiles:

Rape of Children – the End of Silence:

Outstanding Pizzagate Documentary – Very Good for Starters:

Franklin Cover-Up, pulled documentary originally made for MSM:

Candy Girl – Complete (Fiona Barnett’s Testimony, 2015):

Boys for Sale – media initially reports on influential people involved in child abuse, then silence regarding these scandals (1981):

the Finders:

Full Interview with Zeena LaVey & Nikolas Schreck:

Hampstead Case – Ricky Dearman Interview:

Innocence Destroyed – Crimes of Child Protection Agencies:

Scientology, the CIA & MIVILUDES: Cults of Abuse:

Jonestown Exposed – the CIA, MKUltra & Propaganda:

Whom do they Worship? Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony:

The Men Behind the Curtain Exposed: LESS

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